His and Hers

by Mimi Tiu   |  Apr 15, 2012
photo courtesy of ABC Family (Pretty Little Liars
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How come males are bigger than females?
It's a known fact: men produce 40 to 60 times more testosterone than women. This steroid hormone plays a huge part in the physical development of guys. During the process of puberty (which starts at age 12 for most boys), an increase in testosterone levels will cause teenage guys to suddenly grow taller, gradually have heavier bones and, eventually gain twice as much skeletal muscle. It will also cause other body parts to enlarge, making men have bigger brains, lungs and hearts.

Are girls the only ones who get cellulite?
A female's hormones as well as her skin composition are mostly to blame for this unwanted phenomenon. In general, women are known to have less muscle, more fat, and thinner skin compared to men. When estrogen and other hormones cause fat cells to clump together and bunch up through the body’s connective tissue, these cells appear through the skin looking dimpled. An unhealthy diet and a high-stress lifestyle can also increase the chances of getting cellulite on lower limbs, abdomen or pelvic area, but it's still possible for some guys or skinny girls to have it as well.

Why do women go to the toilet more often?
When a barkada heads to the ladies room, they're not just there for a quick touch-up or a secret chat. They're really in there to pee! Studies have shown that although guys drink more, they have larger bladders—making it easier for them to hold their pee longer. Sadly, it's bad for girls to hold it in because doing so might result in a urinary tract infection (a bacterial infection girls are more likely to get than boys).


Do guys really have shorter attention span?
There's no scientific study to prove this theory. However, doctors have noticed that the tow genders are biologically wired to focus on different things. Men find it easier to concentrate on analytical and visual things (such as basketball stats and fast cars), while women are more interested in nonverbal and verbal communication (such as a heart-to-heart with a friend). The next time you talk to you dad, brother, or boy bud, the trick is to keep things short and simple. Get straight to the point, or all he might hear is senseless chatter.

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