Fresh Grads are Finding and Starting Jobs Virtually, Here's What It's Really Like

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by Mylene Mendoza   |  Jul 31, 2020
Image: (LEFT TO RIGHT) Courtesy of Isabela Padilla,
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With the COVID-19 pandemic putting a strain on the work force, it's proving more difficult to look for a job and pursue one's career goals, especially for fresh grads with little to no work experience. But despite the seemingly hopeless situation, it's actually ~still~ possible to land a job in the midst of crisis.

Isabela Padilla, a fresh graduate from University of the Philippines Diliman, talks about the job application process she went through when Metro Manila was still under enhanced community quarantine (ECQ).

There are pros and cons to everything being digital.

Isabela, who began job hunting even before lockdown, shares that there's actually a huge difference between the normal application process pre-pandemic and the new process during lockdown.
"Applying remotely meant that all screening processes were conducted online, from the initial interview down to the final screening," she shares.

It's just not the same as stepping into your dream office.

Isabela adds, "While you do save time and resources, you also miss out on the feeling of being excited and stepping into the office for the first time."

It's a lot less nerve-wracking.

"My company used our personal webmeet service to conduct the whole interview process and eventually, present me my offer. The online interview process is less intense and more lax compared to a face to face one," Isabela admits. "Of course, you’re in the comfort of your own home. However, it can also be harder to connect and interact with the hiring manager through virtual interviews."

A stable internet connection is essential. 

"Other than that, connection issues can be a very big hindrance as well," she continues. "They made sure that I had stable internet and a laptop that could run on the company's systems. I’d say that in times like this, having a reliable laptop and internet are definitely as essential, whether you’re job hunting or already working from home."


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