Here's What You Should Major in College, According to Bill Gates

All incoming college freshmen, take notes!
by Caitlin Anne Young   |  May 18, 2017
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As the world inevitably continues to change and grow, we as students often face extreme difficulty in determining the course we want to major in—specifically one that meets the demands of the 21st century. But we won't have to remain undecided for long.

Lucky for us, in a Twitter thread last Monday, Microsoft co-founder William "Bill" Gates revealed what he would study if he were a college freshman today.

He tweeted, "AI, energy, and biosciences are promising fields where you can make a huge impact. It's what I would do if starting out today.


"Looking back on where I left college, there are some things I wish I had known, e.g. Intelligence takes many different forms. It is not one-dimensional. And not as important as I used to think."

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It makes sense, though, for one of the richest men in the world to give this type of suggestion. In the past, Mr. Gates has revealed his predictions for the future, saying that humanity will experience an "energy miracle" in the next 15 or so years.

Furthermore, finance and technology experts have come to agree that in the next 20 years, there will be several significant changes regarding the way companies use AI to operate their factories, construction sites, and retail locations. In order to power these systems, businesses will have to go green—meaning they'll have to begin using renewable sources of energy, such as solar power and wind power.

Being the co-chair of the Gates Foundation, he then urged this current generation to have more of a fighting spirit when it comes to fending for themselves and for others, shedding some light on some of the issues faced by the less fortunate in today's world. These issues are, of course, very much in line with the mission and vision of the foundation, which is to unlock the possibility of every individual by seeing equal value in all lives by providing jobs, health care, and education for those who have not been fortunate enough to receive it.



"I also have one big regret: When I left school, I knew little about the world's worst inequities. Took me decades to learn. You know more than I did when I was your age. You can start fighting inequity, whether down the street or around the world, sooner."

He even gave a sweet shoutout to his wife, advising, "Meanwhile, surround yourself with people who challenge you, teach you, and push you to be your best self. As @MelindaGates does for me."

The award-winning businessman then concluded his spiel, tweeting, "It doesn't mean you ignore the serious problems we face. It just means you believe they can be resolved. This is the core of my worldview. It sustains me in tough times and is the reason I love my work. I think it can do the same for you. This is an amazing time to be alive. I hope you make the most of it."


In light of these changing times, it's refreshing to have someone as powerful as Bill Gates use his influence—on social media, no less—for good. Hopefully, whether or not you take on his advice for college courses, you'll still be able to emerge as a strong person—inspired to fight not just for yourself, but for others as well.


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