Here's What You Can Do When You Want to Reset Your Life Mid-Semester

You don't have to wait for sembreak to give yourself your much-needed break.
by Ayessa De La Peña   |  Sep 15, 2016
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In college, it's easy to stuff and stuff activities on your schedule because you feel like there's just not enough time everything you have to do. You suddenly find yourself working and trying your best to study even during the hours when you should be sleeping or during the weekends. This is okay sometimes when you really have to finish everything. But when this happens almost every single week, you'll find yourself losing your drive and inspiration and feeling exhausted.

Aside from the fact that you know you can't be in that situation in the middle of the semester, you also know in your heart that you don't want to. So you know what you need? A break, a reset from everything that's bothering you, and you don't have to wait for vacation to start to enjoy that. There are actually several things you can do when you feel like you need to press the reset button mid-semester, and it doesn't involve throwing all your responsibilities out the window.

  1. Set aside one day of your weekend for staying in and doing nothing.

Your time is yours, so don't spend everything for doing all your school requirements. Sometimes you just have to relax and take a deep breath before taking the plunge, and that's what weekends are for. They're made so you can recharge and refuel for another busy week.

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Spend that day the way you want to spend it. If you want to get a haircut or a mani-pedi, then do so. If you need to just catch up on sleep, then stay in bed. If you need to re-evaluate your plans for this week, this month, or even the whole semester, then do so. Just take a break and spend time with yourself.

  1. Set aside a few minutes of the morning for yourself.

It's so easy to get lost in the middle of things in this fast-paced world the moment you get out of bed, but why don't you try and give yourself some much needed R&R every day even just for 30 minutes. Don't skip breakfast. Do work out for a few minutes. Savor your coffee. Enjoy the peace and quiet.


Having a hard time getting into a new morning routine that doesn't involve checking your inbox and Facebook Group to check if there are things you might have missed? Then use your weekends to practice this. It will be hard at first but, trust us, it will be worth the effort.

  1. Choose to stay in for the night.

As we mentioned earlier, avoid over-scheduling. Almost all your days in school are stressful enough, so the last thing you need is to stay up late with your friends. Sure, it's also necessary that you go out and have dinner with them and catch up on each other's lives—minus the drama of school. But one way you can have a good morning routine is if you can also have a good nighttime routine. 

Allot your dinners for Friday nights or weekends when you don't have to worry about staying up late. Remember that one way you can love yourself a little better is by giving it enough time to sleep and rest to prepare for tomorrow or next week's battles.

  1. Go offline.

As time goes by, it gets more and more difficult to disconnect from our smart phones and laptops. And that's just not because there are establishments with free WiFi access everywhere. This habit also takes over our lives because we feel guilty about not responding to messages right away or not checking our inbox as often as we think we should—oh, the culture of FOMO.

Part of reserving your weekends for yourself is by also accepting the fact that you have to stay offline so you can fully enjoy your day. The first try to go offline will be hard, but when you realize that your need for your me time is much higher, things will be easier moving forward.

Taking a break from the pile of school work you have to do may feel like a luxury at the moment but when you know you already need it so badly, take the smaller steps—saving half a day of your weekend for yourself, going to a coffee shop you've always wanted to try, taking an evening stroll. It's fun to see your to-do list getting shorter and shorter and there's a sense of fulfillment in that, but it's also necessary and just as fulfilling to love yourself a little bit more and listen to what it's telling you.

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