Here's How You Can Start the School Year Stress-Free

by Alyssa Jose   |  Aug 18, 2016
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If your university had an academic calendar shift then the first semester would have just started for you. We know you terribly miss the days when you were one with your bed and we can hear your heart breaking for having to delete all the movies in your laptop to make space for your thesis and your readings.

Reality can be a difficult pill to swallow but college waits for nobody so make sure you snap out of your vacation mode ASAP. We have some tips on how you can keep your composure as this semester kicks off!

  1. Create a functional workspace.

Working on your bed so that you'll be more ~*relaxed*~ will never work even if your mind tricks you that it's a good idea. Lying down on your bed for "just five minutes" will always turn into an eight-hour "power nap" so make sure that your workspace keeps you focused and alert. Make it fun and make it your own so that you can actually look forward to getting things done.

  1. Treat yo' self.

It is healthy to splurge on yourself from time to time, especially after getting things accomplished! Have pizza delivered over to your dorm room, go shopping, or watch a movie; do something that will make you feel rewarded. That way you can be motivated to do even better because a treat is always waiting for you by the end of the week.

  1. Know the power of the 3 Os: Organize, Organize, Organize.

Organize your room, organize your closet, organize your desktop, organize your Google Drive. Keep things clutter-free so that you can think more clearly. We know you're still finding it hard to face the truth but your Mom really had good intentions everytime she asked you to clean your room.

  1. Get school supplies ahead of time.

If you find trips to the bookstore a therapeutic experience (just like us!), make sure that you grab your notebooks and pens before school starts. Maybe these magical sources of happiness can make you realize how excited you really are for school.

  1. Round up your friends.

College would be impossible without friends. Spending time with your college barkada after tough days in school would be the perfect way to de-stress! Make sure you hit them up with a text when you're about to take an exam, after a nerve-wracking class report, or when you're stressing over an overdue paper. Your friends will know the right words to say when you are overtaxed.

  1. Get some R&R.

College sure knows how to take over your life. From heavy course requirements, to college parties and heaps of org work, it is inevitable to feel perpetually tired. It is important to step back from your hectic college girl life from time to time to have a breather. Prioritize your health over anything else.

  1. Don't procrastinate.

Yes, easier said than done to be honest; but just make sure that you're exerting conscious effort to limit your cramming to a manageable level. Stressful all-nighters won't be necessary if you get things done long before the deadline. Better study habits will also be good news for your GWA.

Think of the start of every semester as an opportunity for a do-over! It is a chance to redeem yourself and do better. Make this one count Candy Girls!

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