Will You Let Your Guests Bring Dates?

Here's how to address your debut invitations.
  |  Jun 11, 2015
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How you write the addressee's names on your debut invitations' envelopes can already indicate if they can bring a date or not. To help you address your invitations properly, check out possible scenarios and our simple tips below. (Generally, if you only have one envelope per debut invitation, follow the rules for the outer envelope.)

Inviting a single person who'll bring a date, whom you know
Address both your guest and his/her date. Use two separate lines for addressing them on the outer envelope.
Outer envelope:
 Dr. Juan dela Cruz 
                          [next line] Ms. Anna Santos
Inner envelope:
 Dr. dela Cruz and Ms. Santos

Inviting a single person who'll bring a date, whom you don't know
Address the invitation to that person and his/her guest. Addressing the invitation to only one person says that you are only inviting your guest, and that you'd rather s/he not bring a date. In this case, follow the rule for the inner envelope if you only have one envelope.
Outer envelope: Mr. Juan dela Cruz
Inner envelope: Mr. dela Cruz and Guest


Inviting a couple, but not their children
Address the invitation to the couple. This is also how you address a couple if your party is an adults-only affair, and you want to inform them of that detail without having to say it outright.
Outer envelope: Mr. and Mrs. Juan Dela Cruz
Inner envelope: Mr. and Mrs. Dela Cruz

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Inviting a couple and their children
The outer envelope should be addressed to the couple, and the inner envelope should include the names of their children on the next line. If you have one envelope, you may follow either rule.
Outer envelope: Mr. and Mrs. Juan dela Cruz 
                          [next line] and family
Inner envelope: Mr. and Mrs. dela Cruz 
                          [next line] Samuel, Alberto and Rica

Inviting a person with a distinction
Pinoys are very particular with titles, since they feel they've worked hard to earn their designation. Remember to address professionals and politicians with the right title. The person with the title is addressed first, regardless of sex.
Outer envelope: Dr. Anna dela Cruz and Mr. Juan dela Cruz
Inner envelope: Dr. and Mr. dela Cruz


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