Here's a Sample Debut Program to Tell You What Should Happen at Your Party

  |  Jan 4, 2015
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A memorable debut celebration relies on an engaging program with a smooth flow. Planning the debut program is important—you don't want a lull in your party lest someone takes that as a signal for an (embarrassing) impromptu number, right? 

Check out our sample program for a hitch-free debut party. 

Cocktail Hour (20 minutes)
Your guests may arrive at varying times. Before the program starts, you can have a cocktail hour, where your guests can munch on appetizers before the actual dinner. If you have a photo booth or other activity booths, you may also ask guests to enjoy them before the program starts. 

Welcome Remarks, Debutante's Grand Entrance (10 minutes) 
You want your grand entrance to be as breathtaking as it can be. To set the tone for the evening, consider having a creative entrance that complements your party's theme. This is also the time for the host to introduce your folks, who have so generously given you a wonderful debut party. 

Cotillion de Honor (10 minutes)
While everyone's energy level is still up, perform the cotillion de honor with your entourage. This is one of the highlights of your debut (you spent days practicing that routine!), so make sure that everyone is settled in their seats before you start. 

Dinner (1 hour)
Let your guests enjoy their meal by employing background music at dinnertime. To add a cozy feel to your debut, you can either hire a band to sing ballads or play soothing instrumental songs. While your guests enjoy desserts, you can go around to take photos with your guests.  

The 18 Roses, Candles, and Treasures (40 minutes) 
The 18 Roses, Candles, and Treasures can take long, since you'll involve lots of participants. Save time by asking your coordinator to gather the participants before the program starts. Also, ask your participants to keep their speeches short but sweet. 


Games (15 minutes)
Keep your guests' energy at high by holding and giving out prizes to the winners. One of the games can be as simple as having your guests answer questions about you.

Intermission number (10 minutes)
Showcase your talents and keep all eyes on you. This would be a great time to show off your dancing or singing skills. You can also play an instrument or other numbers to entertain your guests. 

Happy Birthday Song, Thank-you Speech (5 minutes) 
After you've blown out the flames from your birthday candles, thank everyone who attended and your debut. You need not to have long speech--a heartfelt one would let your guests feel that they are valued. Don't forget to thank your folks and other people who helped you organize the party as well! 

Dancing (1 hour or longer)
End your debut with a bang! Take to the dance floor and encourage your guests dance the night away. Ask the DJ to play your guests' favorite songs so that they'll enjoy dancing even more. Surely, your guests will remember your party for ages.

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