Harvard Withdraws Acceptance of 10 Students Because of Facebook Posts

by Mara Agner   |  Jun 6, 2017
Image: Harvard University | instagram.com/harvard
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Love may be the universal language, but we reckon that memes come in as a v v close second. Everyone understands it, relates to it, and loves a good one. But like everything else, memes can easily go from dank to downright life-changing—in a bad way—which is exactly what happened to 10 incoming Harvard freshmen.

The incoming students were part of a 100-member private Facebook group called "Harvard memes for horny bourgeois teens." It turns out that the group wasn't private after all and the memes that the students have been sending each other were horrifying! According to The Harvard Crimson, the students exchanged memes mocking sexual assault, the Holocaust, finding the abuse of children sexually arousing, calling a hypothetical hanging of a Mexican child "piñata time," and more.

As if the memes in the group weren't alarming enough, some members decided to make an exclusive subgroup, which demanded those who wanted in on the smaller group to post provocative memes in the bigger group.

As soon as the Harvard administrators got word and evidence of the private group chat, they revoked the admissions offers to 10 of the group's participants.

The next time you think of posting something online—even if it's just within a group—think twice, thrice, or better yet, if you feel that something's a little off or complete trash, don't post it at all. Stop contributing to the garbage online, we have enough of those already.

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