Hard Candy: Danger on the Net

Netizens, beware! Candy reveals the perils of going online.
by Chinggay Labrador   |  Sep 27, 2006
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The World Wide Web has definitely made the world a smaller place. These days, nearly everything is just a mouse click away—friends in far places, music downloads to eliminate the need for CDs, and practically anything from gadgets to clothes that can be bought online. Along with ease and convenience, however, the Internet brings unwarranted danger.

What people find out about you over the Net usually depends on how much information you supply them with. "Whatever information you put online is free for all," says Macy Alcaraz, web editor for candymag.com. "Anyone can access this information so you should make sure you don't give your name or home address, if you don't want people finding out who you are or where you live."

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To read the entire article, flip to pages 72-73 of your September 2006 issue. Ever been duped on the Net? Share the dangers you've encountered online at www.candymag.com/net!

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