Gwy Saludes' Study Hack for College Classes That Require Heavy Reading

The content creator has a few study tips based on her own experience.
by Mylene Mendoza   |  Aug 5, 2020
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Online classes are a struggle. It's a new experience for most students who are all just trying to get by in the midst of a pandemic. But it's not entirely impossible to stay focused and organized for this new mode of learning. Content creator Gwy Saludes has a few study tips based on her own experience.

Gwy is a sophomore Legal Management major at Ateneo de Manila University who is currently taking an intersession (aka summer classes). While the number of subjects are lesser than a typical semester, Gwy mentioned that intersession only lasts for a month, which is why the classes are usually more fast-paced. One tip she shared is the use of the app Notion which allows you to create calendars, reminders, and databases in a minimalist and ~aesthetic~ manner. Using Notion, Gwy made a calendar of all her classes during her intersession semester, including the different deliverables and deadlines. After all, staying on top of everything you need to submit can also give you a certain sense of control in life.


Aside from keeping track of important dates, Gwy shared a few study hacks she's using for her current subjects.For her mathematics classes (she's currently taking Statistics and Calculus, OMG), she likes to answer exercises as a way of studying. But when it comes to classes that require heavy reading, Gwy has her own approach.

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When you need to tackle a bunch of readings, the typical idea is to make the most out of your time and take in as much of the readings as you can. Gwy, however, shared that she goes through all her readings once, highlights important parts, and then takes a break. She doesn't start memorizing the important details until her second reading. She then goes in for a third reading right before her quiz, just to test her recall abilities. Tbh, sounds like a useful tip! 

Watch her entire video here:


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