#GrowingUpShy: 10 Things Only Shy Girls Will Understand

by Ayessa De La Peña   |  Aug 13, 2015
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It is not easy being shy and feeling a bit awkward just being around people (and even yourself). We've all been in that phase before where everything just seems intimidating and you just don't want to deal with any other human being aside from yourself. So when we saw someone tweet with the hashtag #GrowingUpShy, we decided to do a little investigation if we share our struggles with someone else. Turns out most of us did really go through the shy girl stage. Scroll down and read the tweets yourself.

 1  Whenever this happens during long tests or examinations:

 2  When you're tired of hearing these lines after you say something:

 3  Those times this word really, really stressed you out:

Shyvia Twitter (@worldmartian)

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 4  Those moments when your friends give you this piece of advice when you tell them you have a crush on this guy:

Shyvia Twitter (@worldmartian)


 5  Whenever you find it difficult to move on from something you've done.

Shyvia Twitter (@worldmartian)

 6  Whenever you feel so confident online, but not really IRL.

 7  Those times you attempt to conceal and hold everything in.

Shyvia Twitter (@SamanthaDebordex)

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 8  Dreading mornings because the roll call stresses you out so much.

watch now

Shyvia Twitter (@SamanthaDebordex)

 9  Realizing that this happens a lot when you're out eating with somebody:

Shyvia Twitter (@SamanthaDebordex)

 10  Whenever you just want the Earth to crack open and swallow you whole just because this happened:

Shyvia Twitter (@TTyssonn)


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Know more funny hashtags we should feature and that you can relate to? Let us know in the comments or via Twitter @candymagdotcom. We always love hearing from you. :)

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