#GrowingUpFunny: 10 Struggles That Are Way Too Real For the Funny Girl

by Ayessa De La Peña   |  Sep 25, 2015
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Being funny isn't always an advantage. Yes, you're the one to always break the ice during awkward situations. Your classmates also see you as someone who can make the busy days easier to bear. But there are also moments when you wish everyone would just take you seriously because you're not joking anymore.


Don't worry because we understand your struggles, funny girls and boys. Show this list to everyone you know, so they can finally stop making fun of you.

 1  Nobody takes you seriously anymore.

 2  You're not joking and yet, you're still the funny one. Uhm, I just got my soda. What's so funny about that?

 3  People thinking you get these jokes from somewhere. No, they're all original.

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 4  People think that you can say something funny in just one flick of a finger. No, I should be in the mood so I can do it.

 5  They take your ~*serious*~ words as if they were jokes. I AM SERIOUS, YOU GUYS.


 6  They think this is a brilliant idea.

 7  People think you don't take things seriously. So judgmental.

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 8  Getting the blame for everything in class when you just said something that's not meant to be funny.

 9  But there are also times when your being funny is an advantage. Yasss!

 10  You can never follow too many hilarious Vine accounts.

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