#GrowingUpFilipino: 10 Things Only Filipinos Understand

by Ayessa De La Peña   |  Aug 29, 2015
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How do you know a person is Filipino or is a part of a Filipino family? There are lots of ways you can tell, but we've rounded up the best ways you'll figure this out by going through the hashtag #GrowingUpFilipino on Twitter. We practically LOL-ed through every tweet and realized that yes, we really grew up Pinoys. Scroll through this article yourself and tell us if you do feel the same way in the comments.

 1  Your mom tells you that you have to leave, but ends up making chika with her amigas for two hours more.

 2  You know the part's a hit because there's lechon on the table. Yasss!

 3  See what we mean?

 4  Another way you know the party's a hit? When there's karaoke!

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 5  The best part of the party also comes after the event. You'll be bringing in some pabaon which you'll be eating in the next few days.

 6  You know this food is synonymous to summer:

 7  And also what this broom stands for, other than it's a cleaning tool.

 8  You feel like this country's a big family compound where you're somehow related to each and every person.

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 9  You're rarely complete during family gatherings because everyone's everywhere.

 10  Your medicine cabinet has this:

 11  You know soda or palamig is best served in a plastic bag.

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 12  You crave for rice... even during merienda.

 13  You can't sleep comfortably without a blanket even if it's summer.

 14  People do this all the time when you need directions:


 15  You have a stead supply of this in the freezer during summer season:

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Know more hashtags we should feature? Tell us in the comments!

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