From Our Readers: Life Is Not A Fairytale and Happily Ever After is Not the Ending You Get All the Time

Take control of your own story, Candy Girl.
by You!   |  Jan 30, 2015
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When I was little, growing up soonest was always on my wish list. Alongside my dreams like becoming a teacher, a lawyer, a princess, and finding Prince Charming. Everything sounds easy when you're a child. Even wearing fancy shimmering vestures sound like a pretty normal thing. It seems like all you desire is within your grasp. Who could blame a little girl for thinking that life was a fairytale?

I've always thought that you grow up as time goes by, but I was wrong. You grow old as time passes, but that doesn't really mean that you are growing up as well. It is a whole different thing. A concept that isn't as simple as it sounds.

Growing up is beautiful and scary at the same time. It's like going somewhere you've never been to. Living with people you've never met before. But the good thing is it just feels like that, you need not worry because you'll be surrounded with the people that matter and love you so much. It's just that we have the tendency of overlooking them because a lot of uncertainties cloud our vision.


As we grow old, we learn more and question more. We become more aware of our surroundings, see its beauty and also its not-so beautiful side. We realize that life isn't the kingdom surrounded with flowers and not all boys are gorgeous Prince Charmings in their shining armors ready to rescue the damsel in distress. And princesses with colorful glittering dresses aren't all princesses inside. Sadly, most of them are just disguised witches. Girls who may look like royalty, but are hags with the heart of a villain. That the music would sound gloomy often times and that it isn't a wonderful dance into Happily Ever After.

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Life may not be the fairy tale we've always thought of. Here's how to live it like a real princess: don't succumb to the villain's mischief, prove to the imperfect Prince Charming that you'll still love him even with all his flaws. Wake up, Princess and stop waiting for fairy godmother to do things for you. Your happy ending is in your hands.


Written by Angelika Amado.

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