The Facebook Groups That Help Us Cope While in Quarantine

Napupuyat ka ba because of these groups or are you normal?
by Bernadette Rivera   |  Aug 6, 2020
Image: Art: Hannah Villafuerte
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Social media, despite all its advantages, can cause a lot of stress. Some people might even consider occassionally uninstalling social media apps as part of their *skincare* routine. But with a bit of curation and strategic unfollowing, you might just be left with people and Facebook groups that actually help you cope with all the sh*t that’s happening around us.

Of course, it's always important to follow legit news sources and your school's official pages, but if you're also looking for something to keep you sane in these crazy times, these Facebook groups might help you:

book recs with a bit of context

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This group was created on March 26, 2020 by Andrea Azana and her boyfriend, two weeks after ECQ. The group was inspired by other Facebook groups like Film Recs and Song Recs, hence the name. According to Andrea, bookworms can do the same, but instead of films and songs, they can recommend lit.

"I found it interesting that we could easily become a community who'd proudly share our preferences and passions to a group full of people we barely knew, so I thought it'd be great if we gave books the same love as well. It's sort of like an online book club, and it just made perfect sense during the pandemic."

skies without context


This group was also created in the middle of EQC. The admins of the group, Sofia Nicdao and Ynez Ventura, were encouraged to create this account because of the rise of "trashtalkan" groups. They admitted that they just want to spread positivity by letting people share their pictures of the skies.

"Being in a pandemic, we are already experiencing very trying times and feeling very alone and isolated from our loved ones. My friend, Ynez, and I have loved skies for as long as I can remember. We have gotten so many messages from our members saying the group has really helped them get through this pandemic because going through their timeline of bad news, they are able to calm down even for just a bit when they see others' photos of the sky."



Okay, speaking of "trashtalkan," be informed this group spreads more positivity than negativity. If you like astrology and just want a good laugh, this group is for you! Dameyell Reubal, Hannah Reubal, Maxine Lee, and Mia Meily created the group during the quarantine for fun and entertainment. The goal is to let people voice out, "talk shit," or bash the zodiac signs of their TOTGAs, crushes, or if marupok, even their own, lol. (TBH, the posts are super relateable, and *quite* accurate.)

"Last March, lockdown, pandemic, and super stressful ang paligid plus mga broken hearted kami, so we wanted to create something just for fun and entertainment purposes only. Mahilig kasi kami sa zodiac signs, like bina-bash namin mga ex namin based on their zodiac [signs]. Since uso noon yung mga trashtalkan group, we created our own and doon maglabas ng mga hinanakit."

Who's Your Pupper?


Fun story! This group was created in October 2017 by Juan Pedro Avila to impress the girl that he liked because she likes dogs. Then the group grew with the help of his co-admin, Sophie Duavit. If you're familiar with "Who's Your Pupper, Senpai?" it's actually the same group. They're just going through some changes, and "senpai" doesn't fit their new brand anymore.

"It wasn’t cohesive with our branding and creatives at all, so we decided to take it out," says Sophie.

But don't worry senpais! The group sticks to its objective to create a "family-friendly community for all dog lovers," so you'll still see posts about adorable pups that will surely enlighten your mood in quarantine.



If there's Zodiac Sign Trashtalkan, there's room for landian. This group was created last month and managed by 14 people. 14! According to one of the 14 admins, Ryanna del Pilar, it all started with the main group (Zodiac Sign Trashtalkan), and one of the admins eventually thought of creating another group to "spread love" between the zodiacs. In this group, you can find someone you're truly compatible with, ideally based on astrology. Gentle reminder though that their tagline is "LANDI AT YOUR OWN RISK, PLS."

Canva Creatives Philippines


If you want to pursue your passion or you just want to learn a new hobby, you might want to join Canva Creatives Philippines.Canva is a graphic design platform that allows you to create visual content. And the creative group was created in 2018 by Kessa Thea, an ambassador of Canva PH. According to Kessa, she started the group because of the increasing number of individuals interested in using Canva and she realized Facebook groups gain more engagement than Facebook pages.

"I started it in 2018 because I wanted to have a community of Canva users. I thought at that point that groups have more engagement compared to Facebook pages because the members have a sense of belongingness/affiliation. Group members are more active while page likers/followers are kind of passive,' says Kessa.

Plant Titas and Titos PH


If you want to start growing plants, or you're looking for groups that share the same passion as you, Plant Titas and Titos PH is there for you. The group was created recently by a group of passionate 27 to 45-year-old plantitos and titas who just want to share their plant journey with people as the group grows (like their plants).

"One thing we learned during quarantine, people are natural-born storytellers. They want to share their stories and journeys," says Kate Villas, one of the group admins.

The group is open to all who want to share their journey as a plant parent and even for those who want to sell garden-related products. The admins sometimes conduct contests for its members with cute prizes like a rose gold tin cans for plants.

Other groups that you might want to follow:

What's your ulam pare?

A group where you can share your ulam without any judgment. Perfect for your thriving cooking skills this quarantine season.



If the big four universities have a trashtalkan page, *relevant* high schools have one, too. Pampalipas oras if you're stuck at home while missing your high school friends.

Bitin ba? Find more here.


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