Girl Code: Midnight Memories

ART Trixie Ison
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It's a random Wednesday night and I'm exhausted from work, but somehow KC managed to drag me out to one of her favorite clubs. "One drink!" She said, but it's almost midnight and I'm considering calling in sick at work tomorrow so I don't have to worry about my alarm. Mom hasn't even texted me to come home yet; she probably thinks this is normal post-breakup behavior and wants me to stay happy. As happy as one can get in a club, anyway. I close my eyes, sip my drink, and enjoy the music. There's this cute guy that keeps catching my eye. Tall, athletic build, and a sense of style. Just my type. It's been a few weeks since Ben and I broke up, and I haven't heard anything from him since. I wonder how he is... No, stop thinking about Ben right now, Sam. Focus on the music, and that cute guy. Who apparently dances really well. And has a really adorable smile. He's practically staring at me now, with that sly "oh she noticed me now I'm going to look away" move. Oh my gosh, he's flirting with me! Should I flirt back? What am I saying, of course I should.


"Hey, it's time to go!" KC shouts into my ear.

"What!" I protest. "Why now? That cute guy is making eye contact with me and I haven't even been able to return it!"

KC scans the room to check him out, "Wow, he is cute! You're right. He hasn't stopped staring at you."

I blush. Thank god nobody can see my crimson cheeks in this dark club.

"Come on, it's midnight and we have work tomorrow!" KC practically yells at me. "We have to go." She starts to walk out of the club, but I pull her back, closer to the light of the bar.

"Five more minutes," I plead, reaching into my bag and pulling out a piece of paper and a pen.

To the cute guy who hasn’t stopped staring at me,  You’re cute and you know it, but why do you keep staring at me? Is that something cute guys do now—let their looks do the talking instead of coming up and making genuine conversation? I’m not the type of girl who will be impressed by your height, your sneakers, or whatever it is that you’re wearing. I’m much more attracted to intelligence, humor, and passion. But like I said, you’re cute. I like your smile, and I want to get to know you. Maybe I’ll see you around sometime, and you’ll have the guts to approach me.  From the girl in the pink sweater, Sam

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Charlie Reyes @charliereyyy • 23h #FlashbackFriday to the time I first played basketball aaaagghh, never thought the feeling would compare to playing football and volleyball   Charlie Reyes @charliereyyy • 23h I mean, I loved football and volleyball, and I still do. I loved being in the National Team. I love my teammates. Charlie Reyes @charliereyyy • 23h Being in the Football National Team was an accomplishment in itself, but the bond of the whole team is an accomplishment and blessing on a whole other level.   Charlie Reyes @charliereyyy • 23h Aghh, I miss you, my National Team U14 buddies! Charlie Reyes @charliereyyy • 23h & Palarong Pambansa memories representing NCR for the Volleyball Tournament! Oh man!  Charlie Reyes @charliereyyy • 22h All the free chocolate milk and sports drinks we got LOL I remember coach warning us not to take it before the game, but… oops hehe Charlie Reyes @charliereyyy • 22h I miss both teams. I miss all my teammates. I never meant to leave any of them. I seriously just went with the flow. #cheesy Charlie Reyes @charliereyyy • 22h & now, though we get to see each other occasionally, it isn’t the same, not training with them Charlie Reyes @charliereyyy • 21h Never take for granted the time you have with people—your friends, your family. Charlie Reyes @charliereyyy • 21h You never know when life will be too busy  Charlie Reyes @charliereyyy • 21h Grateful for all the memories tho. Ok enough senti-ness for the night, off to beeedddd #peaceout


James: Crap… Rae, about what I said that night. I’m sorry. I don’t want things to be weird between us. Can we just forget it?  James: Rae? James: Come on, Rae! Are you going to avoid me forever?? Rae: James? U still up? James: Waiting for your reply Rae: I haven’t been avoiding you. James: Really?  Rae: Okay. Maybe a little.


James: You have. A lot. I don’t even know why, exactly, because you broke up with me. I’ve been consoling myself with the possibility that we could at least be friends. But even that seems too far out of reach. Rae: I don’t want to talk about this. At least not right now. Can’t you give me a little more time? James: I could… if I actually knew what was going on. Stop keeping me in the dark, Rae. At least tell me WHY. James: Don’t I deserve an explanation, at the very least? Coach won’t get off my back because I can’t concentrate during games. I can’t even sleep properly. Not knowing is driving me crazy. James: Please, Rae? For me? Rae: You wanna know why? Because I was starting to love you too damn much. You were off to that big university with your big dreams and big name, and I was scared I wouldn’t have a place in all that.  Rae: I was scared we’d fall apart and end up hating each other. Rae: I was freaking terrified that you’d be the first to say goodbye.


01/02/2015 12:01 AM  If I were handed a pen, and a gun to my head, asked, “Are you done living?” I wouldn’t know the answer, I wouldn’t know. Every day is a series of going through the motions, and even through the motions I am emotionless.   My parents are in New Zealand, the picture-perfect green plastered on the sides of milk cartons— is that really what it looks like out there? My brothers are right here, but cities away; only a piece of string holds us together, continent from continent, road from road.   When every moment already feels like a memory, when life moves too fast for me to stop and relish, when people drift apart before you can make them feel just, just, just how much you love them— how do you ever get done living?   I want to fall asleep in a room with no windows, falling deeper and deeper into a slumber so that when I wake my skin craves sunrise again.   But today the sun is too bright. Today the world is too happy; it appears to have left me behind.


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When she's not taking three-hour naps, watching makeup vlogs, or drowning in microscope slides of 48-hour chick embryos, Gaby spends her downtime with her jammies on and her nose in a book. As a self-confessed bibliophile, reading has always been her first love, and it's been that way for as long as she can remember. It started as an addiction to Dr. Seuss' Bartholomew and the Oobleck when she was barely three years old, and it has grown into a fervent love for the written word. In fact, it's from her favorite book, The Remains of the Day by Kazuo Ishiguro, that she gets the inspiration to write about someone so radically different from her: Rae. Writing each chapter as the soft-spoken, sensitive Rae is a challenge for someone as effervescent as Gaby, but she takes it the way she does an impossible Embryology exam: with a prayer, a lot of verve, and the excitement of venturing into the unknown.
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Chandra is 20 years old, a graduate of Ateneo de Manila University, and a writer for Candy Magazine and Real Living online. She writes to heal herself, not from pain, but from curiosity—the world is mad and cold, but writing warms her soul. You will find her nose buried in the works of Chuck Palahniuk and Haruki Murakami, but in real life, her loved ones are her muses. Lissa is, in a lot of ways, Chandra’s twin, and yet her polar opposite: she is impulsive, introverted, and very, very hard on herself. But Lissa is also loyal to her friends, and when she finally falls in love, you’ll find that she falls hard and fast. If you ever see Chandra in person, say hello. She'd love to have coffee with you. Conversations are her favorite.
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As a former member of the Candy Council of Cool, Joanna is no stranger to writing for Candy Magazine. Inspired by fleeting expressions, old photographs, song lyrics, and illustrations, she started writing on a private blog at the age of 14. While it started off as a hobby, the daily practice of writing short fiction turned into a full-blown passion. Aside from writing, she owns a bar named Walrus, works in events, and is a travel junkie! Frequently found soaking up the Philippines' beaches, her next travel dream is to hike in the Himalayas and backpack across Mongolia on horseback.
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Eighteen-year-old Niña was never a Team Captain, nor was she a part of any National Team (spoiler alert!), but her world revolves around sports. Now she lives vicariously through the character of Charlie, tackling issues such as teenage angst and struggling with change. Niña is a Sport Studies major in UP Diliman, and may look familiar to UAAP fans as this season's Courtside Reporter for UP. Aside from writing quick reports about the UAAP games, she blogs about her personal musings along with her sartorial attempts on Her favorite writers are Margaret Zhang, a blogger, and J.K. Rowling.
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