From Our Readers: You Took Me For Granted

by You!   |  Jan 7, 2016
ART Trixie Ison
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It all started when you were at your lowest point. I was there when no one else was. I was the one making you smile. I don't even know how that happened for as far as I remember we're not even that close. Then one day we became friends, close friends. We were so open about how we liked being together. Even our friends noticed it. I didn't expect that at all; it just happened.

I don't get how "head over heels" you were with your ex. I'm honestly jealous of her until now. She doesn't even like you that much. Others said she just used you and even dumped you for another guy. How cruel is that? But you still chose to forgive and continue your love story with her. I was shocked, I was hurt, I felt so stupid for liking you even if I knew you didn't like me back.


READI Watched You Fall For Her

Months passed, I thought I was over you. But when I saw you together? I was in pieces again. I wasn't informed that your relationship with her was on the rocks. One time you asked how my day was. I badly wanted to talk to you but I was so tired of being hurt. We sometimes talk, then sometimes became every time. Something felt familiar. Oh yeah, that feeling. The feeling of being happy and excited and loved.

"Feelings that come back are feelings that never left." I was dead in love with you. You very lucky and you must've known that. I thought it was the end between you and your past but I was wrong. She wants you back because you're happy me. We're not in a relationship but we both know we want each other. I am confused. What does she want? I don't know if she doesn't want you to be happy or she's just scared you'd fall for me and she'll never get the advantages of being your girlfriend. I was devastated. You dumped me again.

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"Feelings that come back are feelings that never left."

READI'm Not Done Loving You Yet

I did everything just for you to see that you deserve someone better, and that's me. It was like we were a couple, but not officially. I remember this one time, you were very clingy to me and I didn't know the very time you were sweet and all you were texting your ex-girlfriend and you wanted to get back with her. I felt so betrayed. But I still fought for a place in your life. I've always concluded that you used me because you knew I'd be easy to bait. That sucks and I still feel the pain until now.


You ended up not choosing anyone at all. But I know, deep down in your heart, it's her you'll choose. Why do I have to feel like I'm just second best? I'm pretty, but someone's prettier. You like me, but you like her more.

READTo My Best Friend Who Fell In Love With Me

Years have passed, I'm no longer in love with you that much. I wanted you to regret what you did to me so, so, so bad. I wanted you to realize what you've wasted and what you took for granted. But after all the chaos and drama, I honestly don't know why a piece of me still wishes, still hopes—just a little—that maybe we could still be together one day. Just maybe.

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