From Our Readers: You Plus Me Equals Approximately Zero

All this time I assumed the wrong values and I let myself as the variable X.
by You!   |  Jan 27, 2016
ART Trixie Ison
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The equation of LOVE for me is  You + Me = <3.  You give life to my dying emotions, you give a smile to my teary eyes, and you give joy to my broken heart.

You're a good friend; you take everything as a joke though sometimes I hope that we aren't just kidding around anymore. I love chatting with you every night, seems like you're the vitamin for my everyday life.  

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I keep on joking about your feelings towards me, hoping that you like me! Well, at least I'm hoping that you'll say YES. I'm a girl and I know my limitations. I don't have the right to do the first move— my only choice is to wait. I know that you aren't familiar in romantic relationships, you've never had a girlfriend, and you admitted that you are  torpe. I keep on telling you that if I were just a guy I'd confess my feelings to someone even though they'd reject me.


That night when you accompanied me to an event you mentioned your crush. I hoped that I was that girl you were talking about and you were just too scared to admit it. I was happy at that time. It's been so long since I felt that feeling. I ask myself, "Do I like this person?" My mind keeps on fighting that feeling because I'm too scared, too scared to be broken again. 

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READTo the One I Never Had But Lost

Your friends and mine keep on teasing us because we were together during that event. I can't help but smile at the thought that you like me, too. They keep on telling me that you really like me but you're just not sure if I also like you. I want to open my heart to someone who's willing to accept my flaws and I doubt if you can accept me because you're an NGSB (no girlfriend since birth) and I know that you're looking for an NBSB (no boyfriend since birth). You're a friend and I don't want to lose you. I don't want them tease me anymore, so I said directly that you already like someone and it's not me. But they haven't given up; they still keep on pushing us together. This time, I can't fight it anymore.


You like me but you think that I don't deserve you, so why confess in the first place?

You're too smart and I'm just an average girl. You're too smart to teach me the equation of moving on. You cancel out my past and you let yourself come into my life. 

READWas It All Just Pretend?

I really don't want to assume, because only in math you can assume. "I really like you but you deserved someone better, I hope we'll stay friends after this."  That's the saddest and most heartbreaking confession I've ever heard. You like me but you think that I don't deserve you, so why confess in the first place? I already learned to like you though. I answer that I like you too, but you just say, "I want to court her, the one I've been talking about before."  


Again, my heart is broken. I'm not prepared that this could happen. I'm happy that you admitted that you like me. I thought you were talking about me all this time.

So, she really exists? Maybe you really want me as a friend but you can't deny the fact that you also hurt me. Maybe she really is worthy of you and I'm just a friend that you like. But it hurts because I thought it was my love story. But as I analyze everything, I find myself is in the wrong story.

READTo the Guy Who Loved Me Once

Thank you for helping me on my road to moving on before, Thank you for bringing back my smile. Thank you for the time you spent with me, I'll cherish it. I'm hoping that everything will still be the same between us. I really miss our jokes and especially you. I wish you luck with the decision you chose. 


After these solutions, I didn't derive the equation above, because all this time I assumed the wrong values and I let myself as the variable X.

Therefore, the equation YOU + ME is approximately equal to ZERO.

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