From Our Readers: You are the Glass of Milk I Spilled

And there's no use crying over you. Or so I though.
by You!   |  Oct 17, 2015
ART Trixie Ison
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You are the Glass of Milk I Spilled

When I was younger, people would come up to me and cry over everything. My girlfriend broke up with me. I lost my phone. I failed my test. My dog died. And I know these things are totally difficult for the people who are in the actual situation, but my response never changed: Do not cry over spilled milk. You never get your milk back when it's already all over the floor probably with germs and cooties. You never get it back even when you cry a whole bucket of tears and feel your heart crumbling into so many pieces. Nope, not a chance. So, never cry over milk that has already been spilled. That's what I would say.

I have always believed that you need to live your life without regrets. At the end of the day, you should be okay with whatever happened, because really, you cannot bring anything back anymore. The day will be part of history, and no matter how much you feel sorry for whatever you did that day, all you can do is drop everything and move on. Life's like that... You cannot just wake up every morning feeling like you want to get it over with. You have to live in the moment and make sure that you are doing what you like doing. You do not regret, you do not cry over spilled milk.

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Through the years, people have made me change my mind about so many things. Sometimes, I would tell myself that I shouldn't really care so much about anything, that people should never feel sorry for something they once had but eventually lost. Life's like that... People will appear into your life out of nowhere and they will change you.

But you're a different story. I used to never cry over spilled milk, but I cried for you. You are my spilled milk. I cried for you, and I still sometimes cry when I remember you. You will be that one person I'd be sad about, but be happy about at the same time, because of the enchanting moments you left playing over and over in my head. You're one of the most amazing people I have met, and I have always thanked the Universe for you.


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Sure, I always tell people that it's okay, that I am happy for you, that life is so much better without you, that we're better off as friends and that life's less complicated this way... But you and I know better. You are my spilled milk, and I miss you. I am lactose intolerant, but I dropped everything and opened my arms wide for you, to hell with diarrhea. I let you break down the walls I have built around myself all these years, I trusted you but you just left all the pieces of my walls scattered everywhere. I served my heart to you in a plate and you just poked it with your fork and left. You were probably vegetarian.

I never cried over spilled milk, but you will always be that one person who made me feel like crying over spilled milk. You will be the only person whose face I used to avoid looking at for weeks because it felt like my skin was being cauterized each and every single time I see how your nose wrinkles when you smile your genuine smile. I didn't want to hear your voice because I was scared that I would again feel that feeling I had when you left and my world fell apart. I didn't want to wake up in mornings without hearing your voice or reading your messages, telling me you miss me. You were wonderful but you broke my heart.


But you're a different story. I used to never cry over spilled milk, but I cried for you. You are my spilled milk.

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You are my constant, it will never change. Some things will be forever forgotten, you've probably moved on with your life because you're brave like that, but I will never forget you. You still make me feel sad. You still make me mad. You still make me worry. I will still write about you and think about you and pray for you and wish you all the best. You will be the only glass of milk I spilled that I will always cry about. You will always be my favorite glass of milk, and I don't even like milk.


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