From Our Readers: Yin-Yang: The Story of the Sun and the Moon

by You!   |  Dec 6, 2015
ART Trixie Ison
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We make people happy, because we thought we are their happiness and vice-versa.
But when the Sun stared at the Moon and she finally realized, "No, I think I'm not,"
All of those happy memories start flashing in front of her light.
Not all the good times are enough to fill someone's jar of hearts.

She didn't know what to do, the Sun didn't know what to do.
All the confidence built by happy times crashed by a glimpse of the moonlight.
That's how fast everything moves in the modern time.
"I'll walk away, but I want to stay", the Sun told herself.

The Sun wants to stay because she know it's not the Moon's fault.
"I'll leave what it is because it is what it should be", she thought.
No one has to know since the Moon says he doesn't know.
This is what you call stabbing yourself deeply, very slow.

Then this rainy day came, the 17th of the month,
Sun's favorite day says, "Let's walk away. Your heart loses so much blood.
I am tired, he'll never come, he'll never find out." The Moon didn't seem to care about the Sun's light.
So when she lay in her bed that night, the Sun told herself, "Tomorrow, I'll stop."


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