From Our Readers: Will We Ever Get Better?

I forgive you, because I love you.
by You!   |  Feb 6, 2016
ART Trixie Ison
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I always, always believed we would, and I still do. We fight, almost every day. Though there are good weeks for us, days and weeks where we don't fight, when we do, it goes all the way. It goes so far, it pulls my heart, and it reaches a deep dark ditch.

Then you apologize like everything will be okay just like that and pull my heart back to the surface again like it was so easy; you taped it to be whole again. If I don't forgive you and allow you to tape my heart back, it would all turn out to be my fault, like it was your heart that reached the ditch. But it wasn't. It was mine, and tape can't fix a heart that has ripped at the seams.

But it's okay, it always was and it always will be. I forgive you, because I love you. Because I can't imagine the day when the sun rises and you're not mine, and I don't belong in your arms anymore. You were my happiness, be it temporary or long lasting, I was more than thankful to God for blessing me with you. Despite all our fights, you cared for me like no one ever does. You made me feel beautiful like I'm the most precious you ever held. You made me feel safe like you are my home. I stayed, and I will stay because I believe there will be a better us. So, don't ever give up on me and on US, because I won't and I never will. You will always be my constant. 

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I can't imagine the day when the sun rises and you're not mine, and I don't belong in your arms anymore.

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