From Our Readers: When Your Friend Leaves You For Her Boyfriend

She fell in love and left you hanging.
by You!   |  Aug 16, 2015
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Life will hit you when you least expect it. Before, you had this friend who believed that love doesn't exist and now she's dating someone. You used to talk about how long both will stay single while fulfilling your priorities and goals; how relationships don't last forever. In short you were the non-believers of love because of all the relationship failures you've witnessed.

Many times sadness will strike you after knowing that a friend of yours met someone who can give the happiness that you and your friends can't give. You're supposed to be happy for her. You're trying, but you just can't believe that now she is seeing a guy. She's dating him. She's watching a movie with him. She's doing everything you said you'd never do as singles.

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It's not a bad thing to admit that you're sad because you always felt like the closest people keep on leaving you hanging. At first, they will deny but in a split second, they're in a relationship and they've forgotten about you. Maybe you're sad not because of jealousy rather you can never bond with her like the old times. It feels like you once again lost your sister and friend. You can no longer tell her something about what you hate about men because she might doubt her guy. You can no longer show her pictures of cute guys because you definitely don't want her to commit infidelity (LOL). Once again, you feel alone.

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Maybe life is preparing someone for you, someone who can support and love you regardless of your flaws. The best thing to do is accept that people change and makes their own decisions. At the right time you will meet the man who can give you happiness that neither your friends nor your family can. When that time comes, you will understand why. Remember, good things come to those who wait.

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Written by Melisa Gonzales. Got your own story to tell? Drop us an email at candymagazine! We'd love to hear what you have to say. If you're lucky, you just might get published in this space, too!

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