When You're the Only One Left Fighting for Your Love

"I kept telling myself to be stronger and to keep holding on, but it's difficult to grip on a tattered rope especially when I'm trying to save both of us from crashing."
by Ayessa De La Peña   |  Jul 15, 2017
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While there are happy love stories, there are also love stories that are painful and heartbreaking. There are times when things just don't go the way we want them to. Even if we want to fight for our relationship, we have no choice but give it up because we're fighting alone.

Three Candy Girls share stories of going through this kind of heartbreak via our Candy Feels section. They are reminders that while it's okay to fight for our love, it's also okay to walk away and give ourselves something better.

Anonymous: "I Left Because It's Getting So Tiring"

Maybe because I fell deeply that's why it hurts. Maybe it's because I assumed, I hoped, I fell. I assumed that the way you looked at me had a meaning. It was just an ordinary look, an ordinary smile; nothing's special. I wasn't special. So, thank you for all the kilig and rollercoaster experiences that I had. Thank you for those nights when I couldn't sleep trying to decode all the messages you sent me. Thank you for giving me extraordinary memories that were mostly my best days.


So I'll just stop here. I won't stop being your friend. I won't stop being someone you'll joke around with. I won't stop there, because I'll stop here. I will stop being someone who is deeply in love with you. I will stop being someone who keeps on hurting herself. I will stop the pain and heartbreaks because my heart can't afford another one anymore.

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I'll stop, not because I want to, but because I need to. So please, let me.

Vienna Adriano: You Never Knew How to Love Me Right

We loved each other for all the wrong reasons and I couldn't bear this anymore. It is true that we have to deal with pain and that we must let it succumb our whole being. It is only then that we can let go. We should stop the pain before it completely ruins us. To be destroyed by the one you love is one thing but to destroy your own self is a whole different story. I'm not going to let that happen.


Letting go is like growing wings. It will surely hurt but once the transition is done, we can finally fly. Love doesn't hold us down. It makes us soar high. It should let two people grow—in their own terms. It doesn't separate, it unites. I stayed because I thought we had that. I stayed until I realized I was wrong.

I've saved you but it's about time to save myself, too. We both deserve better. So I'm letting go now. I'm letting you go. I'm setting us free.

Raily: I'm Just Waiting for the End

I've been preoccupied with thoughts of letting you, but I still don't understand. Why did we have to be this way? Shouldn't we become stronger now that we were facing a greater challenge before us? We had sacrificed too much already, and it'd be heartbreaking if just let it all slip away now.

I kept telling myself to be stronger and to keep holding on, but it's difficult to grip on a tattered rope especially when I'm trying to save both of us from crashing.


I don't know if it is the best thing to do after all. I could just let us both crash and vanish with the pieces of our love, or keep on trying to glue our broken pieces back. Right now, I'm just riding shotgun while you drive on wherever you want us to be. We could either just wait until we hit a roadblock, or you could steer it to a direction where we could be back to how things were, safe and sound in each other's love. The choice is all in your hands, and I'm wishing you can make the best one.

Tell us your stories, too, Candy Girls. We'd want to hear what you have to say about life, college, politics, and feminism! You can send us you submissions via Candy Feels.

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