From Our Readers: What If Love Had a Remote Control

I'd play our story over and over.
by You!   |  Jul 5, 2015
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If falling in love had a remote control,
I'd play our story over and over.
Go back to the moments when we just started
And skip every time we think of ways on how to get parted.

I'd slow it down for the times we're happy.
Pause and play when things get choppy.
Go fast forward at times we argue,
Zoom in and out the times when we were so blue.

We'll select those cute and memorable scenes,
Go to features, and see what love really means.
Activate subtitles to remember the words we uttered,
Press volume to have our voices loudly heard.

But if love really had a remote control,
I'd add one button so that in love we'd always fall.
Remove some buttons like power off and stop,
Add patience for us to never give up.

Then I'll add just one more feature,
A special button that's tagged forever/
For us to stay in love with each other,
Never tiring and grow old together.


Written by Tamara Mae Saquilabon.

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