From Our Readers: To Those People I Carry in My Heart

I may sound so bitter about how I define life, but still think it's beautiful.
by You!   |  Jan 4, 2016
ART Trixie Ison
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College life is continuously changing me from the inside out. I'm in that stage where life is intoxicating already. It made me just want to sleep all day long and forget all the worries in life.

Yes, there were times when you just want to shout "Ayoko na! Ayoko ng mag-aral!" Or you just want to grab your favorite pen and notebook, curse life, write how awful and cruel it is, and cry until your eyes are swollen. Or you just want to call a friend, travel to a nice place, shower yourself with good vibes, and buy yourself some ice cream. And that's it!

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I may sound so bitter about how I define life, but still think it's beautiful. College life is still memorable especially when you have found your favorite people.

But our friendship was tested as time went by. We experienced misunderstandings throughout our journey. Some petty fights that can be solved right away. And some fights that actually resulted to nearly friendship over because of that freakin' feasibility studies! Can you imagine that? Can you imagine us exchanging bitter and harsh messages in our group chat? I even questioned myself what the heck is going on and why it is happening to us. It was the worst days of my life, I promise.


Those days are gone. Those days were just a part of the past. I already told myself not to bring up those issues again. Until one day, we decided to settle them. Saying how sorry we were about what happened makes me want to cry in joy. Literally speaking, the confessions and revelations left me with no words to say. I was completely speechless.

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But right here, right now, I owe you an explanation. I owe you an standing ovation for everything you've done even if you didn't actually know how those things helped me in a major way.

First, I am thankful for having you. I may not be so vocal for saying that I am, but at least I have a chance to say it here. Second, thank you for standing and staying by my side without question. You say you haven't given your all-out support? But your moral support, a shoulder to lean on, your ears always ready to listen, sharing our beast mode moods made me feel that I am loved by you. Lastly, thank you for always having my back. I may fall sometimes, I may get tired, and you may see me crying in the corner for some reason.  It may be personal or academic issues but I always trust that you'll be there and assure me that everything's going to be alright.

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You don't know how big your impact is in my life. I'm always thanking God that I have you. That I can actually say that this kind of friendship is what I pray for. God gave me wonderful people that I'll keep closely in my heart.

College life may be ending soon for us and new beginnings will be discovered but our friendship will stay forever. I have always loved you and will be with you forever. This is for keeps, okay?

Your forever besh

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