From Our Readers: To the Person Who'll Love All of Me

by You!   |  Feb 21, 2016
ART Trixie Ison
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I know that I shouldn't rush things. I know that you'll come by when the right time comes. I know that you're taking your time. But, I'm one impatient lady. So, here are guidelines that would ensure you the quickest way to my heart.

A lot of people are afraid to approach me when they see me, well don't be. I'm not a monster. I may look like I'm a snob, but I really am one big goofball and I'm totally friendly. I'm just a little shy being around new people. But if you approach me, I'd gladly talk to you and send a smile your way.

I'm a big child, but I'm also deep on the inside. I sometimes—okay, maybe often—act like I'm twelve, when I'm ten years older than that, but I appreciate good conversation. It doesn't necessarily have to be deep. It can be as simple as making fun of each other and lovingly teasing each other about things that are completely random like what we ate that day or how water tastes like. I know. I'm weird. But, who isn't?

You've got to have lots of patience when it comes to dealing with me, and strong faith in yourself. I'm irritating to deal with and hard to handle, I'll admit that. I'm very opinionated, stubborn, and a little too bratty for my own good. But just know that I would listen to you if only you stay calm and hear me out first.

Your head may hurt from all of what I have to say, but you just need to try to understand it. I may listen to you and your opinions, but it doesn't mean I will accept it.

You'll also need to be able to handle my snarkiness. I can snap at you whenever I get jealous or feel threatened. I may cause a scene or two. With this sharp tongue they say I have, it's nearly impossible for me not to raise hell. Just be ready to lower your pride and your ego stomped on a little. You'll need to be humble when you're with me, aside from being patient. I may unconsciously emasculate you at some point, one way or another. Just know that I didn't mean to.

But most of all, you just need to know that I'm the kind of girl who appreciates the thoughts behind the gifts more than the cost. Date nights for me can mean just staying in watching a movie and cuddling. I'd appreciate simple gestures like taking care of me whenever I'm sick or my time of the month comes and is being a huge pain. I don't need fancy restaurants with fancy food as long as you're willing to buy me fries from McD's even in the middle of the night. I don't need your money. All I need is for you to love me for everything I am, give me your time, your effort and your heart. Because that is all that matters in the end.


All I need is for you to love me for everything I am, give me your time, your effort and your heart.

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