From Our Readers: To the Person Who Broke My Heart When I Was Fifteen

You left me with nothing.
by You!   |  Mar 29, 2016
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I can still remember how we started. We didn't have that boyfriend-girlfriend label. Mutual understanding, that was how we called it. We were okay with that set up for more than three years. Three years. Imagine that? Our relationship lasted for three years. That promise of forever lasted for three years. Three years of forever with you.

That promise of forever lasted for three years.

Can you still remember the words you told one of our friends on Facebook chat? You told him that your feelings for me were slowly fading. He replied to you and said that you should say how you truly felt but you chose not to. I am thanking him for letting me read your conversation. I am thanking him for letting me know the truth.

I waited for you to come to me, to call me, or to even text me but you didn't. You silently walked away from me. No explanations. No goodbyes. No apologies. You left me with nothing. But I didn't say a single word. I didn't ask you a single question either. I didn't stop you. I didn't beg you to stay. You know why? Because I didn't want you to know that I already knew, that our friend told me. I didn't want your friendship to be ruined just because of me, of us. All those times I was thinking about you even if you were not thinking about me.

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You silently walked away from me. No explanations. No goodbyes. No apologies. You left me with nothing.

Five years have passed but until now I am still waiting for your explanation. I still want to know the reasons why but I think you will never be brave enough to do it. You will never be brave enough to say sorry. I am hoping that one day if we see each other again, you will finally find the courage inside you to say those reasons and apologies.

You will never be brave enough to say sorry.

You already found the girl that is worthy of your boyfriend-girlfriend relationship. Every time I see you with your girl, I feel a pinch of jealousy inside me. Maybe because I wanted to be your girl back then, your official girl. I wanted to go to a picnic with you, to travel with you and to eat dinner with you.


But maybe, maybe we were not meant for each other in this lifetime. Maybe God has better plans for us. Please, treat her well. Please, tell her all the things on your mind. Please, tell her what you truly feel. I will pray for you two, for your relationship.

Thank you for the happiness. Thank your for the lessons. You've been such a big part of my life and my maturity. I guess you were just the person I wanted but not the person I needed.

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