From Our Readers: To the One Who'll Love Him Next

Please love him unconditionally. That boy deserves the world.
by You!   |  Feb 18, 2016
ART Trixie Ison
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He loves spiders and exotic animals but he's terrified of cockroaches. So if he texted or called you that he saw a cockroach in the bathroom, in the kitchen, or in the bedroom, please tell him to calm down and kill it because he won't sleep otherwise.

He loves music. So if he told you to listen to the random YouTube videos that he'll send to you or if he mentioned a title of a song, please listen to it and tell him that it's beautiful and you loved it.

He loves making mixes. So if he won't text you for hours or you won't see him for days, please don't get mad because that's his hobby. He's simply letting his stress out and when he's done he will tell you how much he missed you.

In connection to his mixes, he loves making it depending on his mood. He'll make one for you and so if he uploaded one of his mixes over the internet, listen to it and tell him that he's really good.


He'll get very jealous, super jealous, when he sees some guys flirting with you. So please reassure him that you love him and you don't need other man.

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He's clingy and he loves surprises, please make him feel that he is appreciated even on the small things. He'll do anything just to make you feel happy. A+ for effort! 

There will be nights that he needs to go out for his gigs. Please don't get mad. Support him instead and tell him that he can do it, that he's really good at DJ-ing so he should not worry that he might ruin his set.

On that topic, he will call his friends to come with him and they will drink. Don't worry because he's with his bros and he knows his limitations. He will call you when he's home and he'll annoy you by saying "sorry" and "I love you" repeatedly. He will insist that you're mad at him even if you're not. Please always remember that he's not annoying, he's just being sweet.


There will be times that he'll be super busy because of his studies and you feel that he don't have time for you but please try to understand. He needs to study hard for your future.

Whenever you feel stressed and sad because of your studies or any problem that you'll encounter, he will always cheer you up and he'll make sure that you won't sleep lonely. Please be thankful for that. He won't leave you specially when you needed him the most.

Tell him that you love him and make him feel it. Please mean it. He deserves the best. If you can't do that, leave.

He loves cuddles and tickles when you're together. He loves the sound of your laugh. He'll wrap you up in his arms so you could feel that you're always safe as long as you have him by your side.

Give him random kisses because that's what he really likes.


His hugs, oh god, his hugs are so comforting. You can feel his warmth, his love, his care. His hugs are simply the best.

And oh his kisses, his kisses will send shivers on your spine. Kisses that you wont forget. Kisses that will drive you crazy. Kisses that are passionate. Kisses that will make you feel how much he truly loves and misses you.

Please love him unconditionally. That boy deserves the world.

Whenever you're having fights listen on what he's saying and for sure he'll listen to you too when its your turn to explain. And suddenly, you'll feel better.

He is the most patient person I know, he'll try to understand everything. Whenever you're moody specially when you're on your period, he will stay and comfort you even if you're annoying. He's always willing to swallow his pride to say sorry even if he doesn't do anything wrong, for you to feel better, for you to stop the argument.


He loves sending random sweet long messages, please reply with a longer one because that will make him smile and that will make his day complete.

And before i forgot, he loves it when you're calling him early in the morning to wake him up, human alarm clock!

Losing him is a pain you will never forget, dont let him go.

He will love you in every way possible so please do the same. Please don't hurt him.

Give him everything and he will give more than what you deserve. You wont ask for anything or anyone ever again.

Finally, I'm moving on and letting you go.

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