From Our Readers: To the One Who Didn't Feel My Love

Maybe it's my love that you failed to feel.
by You!   |  Feb 27, 2016
ART Trixie Ison
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You are my home, my favorite place to go and the only destination that I know.
You took me somewhere else where only I can glow; you're the only one that I cannot say no.
To you I am more than enough. You see the galaxy in my eyes. I look at yours and I see no lies.
You said that the universe is in your hands and there's nothing more you can demand.
You made me sure that your love for me is pure
You made me feel that this is the love that will endure
You made me see that I am not living in a dream
To you I am the music that is soothing to the ear.

I woke up longing for your affection.
You didn't give me much of your attention.
I was clinging in your arms when you said no.
And just like that you said you have to go.
Without any reason why, you just said goodbye.


You are my weakness, you left me breathless,
You left me with words stuck inside my head as I lie on my bed,
You cut the wings beneath my feet,
I didn't know that it's easy for you to see me weep.

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I will remember you in every sad song that I will hear,
I will remember you in every drop of my tear,
I will remember how you lift me up and showed me the sky.
I was numb and dumb not to see that you can't fly
But to you I was so real. Maybe it's my love that you failed to feel.

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