From Our Readers: To the One Who Cried

I will always remember that rainy afternoon when everything changed.
by You!   |  Dec 27, 2015
ART Trixie Ison
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Have you ever wondered how villains were made?

Growing up hearing bedtime stories made me believe that harmless princesses, surrounded by knights and protected by a prince, were always the ones on the right track. I always believed they were the ones hurt by vile creatures, as presented in books. I always believed on one side of the story, until you came.

I met you on our first year in college, you were one of the fine roses among a bush full of thorns. You were my very first, and only, female friend in the university. We had our own share of stories and arguments. We traveled and saw new places together. We were happy.

I was an achiever, an ambitious woman, as you said, while you were the silent and contented one. Despite our differences, I promised myself I would never leave you. That I would always bring you with me, but life has its own twisted road you wouldn't expect. I will always remember that rainy afternoon when everything changed. You told me I was lucky for having everything I want, for having an interesting life. That moment, I knew, that your heart was slowly being filled with envy. The following days were horrible, you tried to compare yourself to me in every field I excelled in. You started lying about yourself and faking your whole life. I confronted you with honest words, for as a friend, I want to let you know that you might fool them, but you can't fool yourself. In return, you accused me of doing something I did not do---of being someone I am not. Your tears made them believe your stories. Your sobs and voice full of feigned sadness made them turn their backs against me. You were scared, I understand. After all, I vowed to myself that I will always understand.

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Thanks to you, now I know how it feels like to be the villain even if it's not true. You made me see beauty and strength in being alone. You made me realize that solitude is a gift: A ship voyaging to discovery. I never knew myself until you took everything from me. Being alone made see things from a different perspective. You planted a lesson deep within me, I will always keep in mind that not all of those who cry are victims.

You made me see beauty and strength in being alone. You made me realize that solitude is a gift.


Growing up made me realize there are two faces on a coin. I once wondered how villains were made. I now believe, they have their own stories to share.

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