From Our Readers: To the One Who Chose To Let Me Go

by You!   |  Jan 27, 2016
ART Trixie Ison
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When I looked into your eyes, I didn't just see you, I saw my today, my tomorrow my future and the rest of my life.

I was happy on my own. I had plans for my life. Though I knew things could change, I still kept my eyes on my goals. But all of a sudden you came and the to-do-lists in my journeys were changed. I couldn't help myself but just let things happen. Because for once in my life, my heart suddenly leaped. The butterflies came fluttering into my stomach. I couldn't even get enough sleep because my reality was sweeter than my dreams.

READTo the Guy I Still Love

They say that the prettiest kind of love is the one you never saw coming. Our love was unexpectedly created. I thought this love would last even 'til we are seventy—hat tip to Ed Sheeran. I know that our love wasn't ordinary. It was genuine.

They say that the prettiest kind of love is the one you never saw coming.


I never thought that an ordinary me will be loved and admired by someone like you. I was so frightened to let you into my life. But despite of all hesitations I still grabbed the chance to live life with you. I was too afraid to fall, but you were there always pushing me beyond to fall deeper. You gave me love. Every day, it was you reminding me that I was special. You gave me assurance that there would always be someone who'd be there for me even we were miles apart. You showered me with hope that You and I could be together to infinity and beyond—your words, not mine.

READFor the One Who Stayed

Our selfies and food trips made us more comfortable with each other. We had a lot to laugh about and stuff to talk about. There were no dull moments between us. We also believed that we could overcome the different obstacles that could occur as long as were together. You gave me something to hold onto. Unfortunately, I found myself holding onto broken promises alone.

In just a glimpse, the excitement you had for me became fears, the spark in your eyes darkened, and the neverending love faded. Why? What happened to our I love yous and I miss yous? Did somebody new capture your heart? Was I not enough? Was our infinity and beyond supposed to last just for months? I want to ask you more questions but you left me hanging.

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READTo the Boy Who Chose to Neglect Me

Now I'm trying to live this life alone, trying to rebuild my dreams that were shattered. I realized that I was already living a dream when you were with me. There are no days and nights that you didn't cross my mind. Do you feel the same? I know there's nothing I can do to bring things back. Maybe things just happen for a reason, but right now all I know is I'm just the girl you chose to let go.

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