From Our Readers: To the One Collecting Hearts Only To Break Them

For A.M.
by You!   |  Feb 1, 2016
ART Trixie Ison
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I used to be the girl who break hearts, but suddenly you came and made me vulnerable. With your gaze, you found my kryptonite and you know it's you. I tried to be strong to fight the feeling that's rushing through my spine and trying to calm my insides, but with one smile I exploded.

I hate you, I hate you for being the person I've always wanted. You like the idea of me feeling giddy whenever you smile like holding my heart in your hand having the capability of breaking it any time you want. My heart went in your imaginary trophy case where you keep the hearts you broke, proud of what you did.

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You swept me off my feet and removed the person I used to be. You would say hello to me every day and say sweet things that charm me into liking you this much. I love you so much that it hurts. People thought we're dating, but I would just say that we're just friends hanging out. To me, I felt joy that people were noticing it—that it wasn't just me feeling that.


I've never been in a serious relationship, but thinking about you makes me want to think about the future ahead of us. It scares me that I'm already thinking of the future with you without knowing if we are thinking the same thing. I'm taking a leap of faith in you, that you would ask me to be with you and I would say yes, no doubt. You were just this oh-so handsome guy with a sense of humor that I like but on the inside, you were just like me: A cold-hearted person collecting hearts to break so you would be happy.

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It scares me that I'm already thinking of the future with you without knowing if we are thinking the same thing.


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It was our senior prom night, the morning you asked me if I would give you a permission to dance with me, I said yes. But you were with your "girlfriend" that's why there's no way you could have danced with me that night. It finally ended and we did not have the oppurtunity to dance with a slow music. You saw me at the gate and told me you didn't have the chance to dance with me, but I said we could still dance even though the night is over. We were dancing, you were spinning me round and round but to me, it felt as if every second is an hour. It was a fairy tale dream come true. I don't know if I should feel good that I was your last dance and you would remember it because it's the last prom we have in high school. After that, nothing happened, you ignored me and sometimes you would notice me only when you wanted.


READThank You For Breaking My Heart

You were in control of me, I hated it so much. I can't control my feelings towards you. Now, it's been two years since I left the country and until now, I still have feelings for you—no matter how far I am. Up to this day, you still hold my heart around your hands without knowing it.

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