From Our Readers: To the Guy Who Woke Me Up

by You!   |  Nov 16, 2015
ART Trixie Ison
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There will come a time in your life when you'll meet someone that will twist the story of an almost-perfect, almost-unrealistic life that you planned and made up on your mind since you were a kid. The first time you met him, you didn't see sparks in his eyes, and he didn't smile at you. You were just two ordinary people in the same room, glanced at each other once and passed by each other twice. There were no fireworks, no fast heartbeat. When you finally got the chance to talk to each other and be together, you found him nice. Later on, you found him funny, smart, naughty, and as time went on, you found yourself beside him laughing at the same silly thing.

READTo the Person Who Just Left

You became the person that he always wanted to tell his stories and deepest secrets to. And he became your deepest secret. He became the story you could never tell to anyone because you're undeniably in love with him. Your feelings grew stronger and you just couldn't help it.  And if you could, I know you wouldn't, because he made you happy in a way that only your heart could understand. Everything was too lovely, he was everything you ever wished for, or so you thought.

One day he just stopped noticing your hair, your smell, and the songs you were listening to. His responses were short, he didn't talk much about his family, he didn't ask if you were okay yesterday, and each day you were slowly losing parts of him. And the worst part was when you got to the point when you really felt that you were not as interesting and as important as you were to him. You lost him. And you missed him, you missed the old him so much that you kept on reminiscing everything you've done together before and even though you didn't want to do that because it hurts like hell, you just did because that's all you have now. The memories were the only thing that left. Your memories together kept haunting you and you didn't know how to run fast or where to run because the arms that you believed was home had burned.


READI Need to Guard My Heart This Time

You had it. You had that almost-perfect, almost-unrealistic love and life that you ever dreamed of even in just short period of time. But the person who brought you that dream, was also the person who woke you up.

You had it. You had that almost-perfect, almost-unrealistic love and life that you ever dreamed of even in just short period of time. But the person who brought you that dream, was also the person who woke you up. Maybe he was there to make you realize that you can’t always get what you want and plans don’t always go the way you planned them to. Maybe he was there to teach you that life isn’t perfect and love must be realistic. Maybe he was there to tell you, "Girl, sleeping and dreaming are over. Wake up now."

Some important things in life are learned in an awful and hard way. Be ready.

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