From Our Readers: To the Guy Who Was My Friend and Made Me Feel Special

by You!   |  Jan 31, 2016
ART Trixie Ison
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Friendship is defined as a platonic relationship by two or more people. It is a strong bond between humans, needed by each one of us no matter how flawed and imperfect we are.

We used to be classmates. Then it all started from a little conversation. You were a charmer. You can make everyone laugh every time you throw a punchline. It's the very reason why we became friends. Every night, your name would show up on my messenger, telling me some random jokes, asking me how my day was then we'd chat till we get sleepy.

In school, you would always tease me about everything I do. Everyone noticed it. They'll tease us back but you'll just flip it up and laugh. You were always in my notifications. Whenever I feel bad, you would be the one who'll ask me what's wrong then I'll end up telling you everything and then you'll give me random advice.

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It became my habit. Every night, I would wait for you to chat with me and in school I would always wait for you during flag ceremonies. My friends noticed it. They noticed how close we are. Even your friends but we'll end up laughing at them and shrugging it off.

You became my human diary. You became my best friend. It was weird at first, how we instantly get close and I'm starting to think of the possibilities of liking you. I'm afraid. I'm afraid that I'll end up liking you and my feelings would be unrequited.


I'm afraid that I'll end up liking you and my feelings would be unrequited.

You cared for me a lot. You would always invite me to hang out with your friends. I couldn't say no. You knew me too much and you would always bring my brother so I can tag along.

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One day, I woke up and the dreadful thing happened. You weren't the same person anymore. Your "good mornings" were gone. You would always kill our conversation. You would always make yourself busy. You became a stranger.

Hurt is an understatement to describe what I felt. You're so cold to me. You changed. I'm afraid that I did something wrong. If only you knew how many times I tried to muster up my courage and speak to you about us. But then I remembered, there was never an us. I would always find myself looking at our conversations and remembering those good memories we had.

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Till now, whenever I see you in the hallway laughing with your friends, I kind of hope that your brown eyes would find mine and smile at me. But it never happens.

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I don't know if you like me but one thing is for sure, I liked you. I liked you because you made me feel special and happy even in a short period of time.

I'm not blaming you for what happened to us. I'm just disappointed at what our friendship has become. If I'd be given a chance to rekindle it again, I would.

But maybe, you're not supposed to stay in my life and be with me through all the times. Maybe you're just makig a cameo in my life to make me happy in a short span of time.

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Thank you for the friendship. For the genuine care you've showed. Thank you for making me laugh whenever I was on the verge of tears. Thank you for everything. You're a bittersweet memory that I would not forget.

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