From Our Readers: To the Guy Who Made Me His Rebound

Thank you for breaking my heart.
by You!   |  Jan 5, 2016
ART Trixie Ison
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Were you truly happy with me? Were you
satisfied making me your pasttime, while I made you my world? Didn't I
give you all the emotional support you needed when she was nowhere
to be found in your life?

Was everything just a pure lie?
Did I make the best rebound ever?
Will you remember me forever?
Or you'll just forget me now or later?

Did you find yourself falling
in love with me? Or was I
just plain stupid for not realizing that
you and me, we're the perfect tragedy?

Were you happy seeing me
tearing myself apart when you said how much
you still love her, and your feelings
and emotions for her are not yet over?

Tell me, have you felt sadness
the night you told me we can no longer continue
what we thought was right? Did you ever for a minute
think of what I was feeling right after you broke me into bits?


Did you love me even just for a single moment in your life, anyway?
If you did, thank you.

To the guy who made me his rebound,
Thank you.
The night you said goodbye was actually the start
of my fairytale.
You said goodbye and I said hello
to my tears.

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I ended my night walking
in the park with city lights
and in a few moments I caught the sparkle
in his eyes.

He asked me why there were tears
streaming down my cheeks
and I said it's because of the monster
hiding in a mask.

He was there right after you broke
my heart. And in that moment
he knew that I was the exquisite part that he's willing to take
away from a movie's tragic part.

And now that I am away from you,
nothing can bring me back to you.

And now that I am happy,
there's nothing in this world
that can make me feel sappy.


I am writing this for you, not because I haven't moved on
from you yet, but because I am perfectly and totally over you.

I am writing this to you to say
that I am more than grateful to have met you and spent
some time with you. I want to thank you
for breaking my heart, tearing me apart,
and making me cry my heart out.

Thank you for saying goodbye.
And with your goodbye, I have found the goodness
in it and I have found the sweetness
of a new hello.

Thank you for saying goodbye. And with your goodbye, I have found the goodness  in it and I have found the sweetness  of a new hello.


To the guy who made me his rebound, let me
say it again: Thank you.
Thank you for leading me
to my forever, the man of my dreams.

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