From Our Readers: To the Guy Who Can Fix and Break Me at the Same Time

by You!   |  Sep 23, 2015
ART Trixie Ison
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To the Guy Who Fix and Break Me at the Same Time

Feelings and emotions when kept and buried deep inside your core just burst out without control. But the catch is, who's brave enough to see you breaking?

You were. Out of all people, my baby, you were.

READMaybe In Another Lifetime

I hated you so much to the point that my bitterness consumed my being, because you broke my heart so long ago. I can't see you fixing me now because I've been here, I've been here before. I needed you to mend my brokenness, filling in my emptiness, wanting you beside me, fighting with me against it all. And I know how much pain it was to need you but you can't be. I don't want pain anymore so I let you go. End of our story, or so I thought.

But there I was, buried in your chest under the moonlight, your arms wrapped around me while I cry and hate every fiber of my entire existence. The catharsis that brought the sky into darkness. You saved me like you always do. There I was safe in your shelter, you serenading my spirit, uplifting my sorrowful soul. And I didn't know which hurt the most: the heavy beating of my troubled heart or the warmth of your embrace I terribly missed.

READWe Had the Right Love at the Wrong Time

I looked up to the sky, to the Universe that saw how you calmed my frantic heart. I cursed and questioned fate. Why can't we ever be? And that moment I knew we wouldn't last. I had to let you go again.


Here's to the only guy who can fix and break me at the same time. In another life, in another time, maybe we can be.

The scent of you, still in my clothes, that's what will keep me together through the night. But when it wears off, whose name do I call?

Here's to the only guy who can fix and break me at the same time. In another life, in another time, maybe we can be.

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