From Our Readers: To the Guy Who Broke My Best Friend's Heart

by You!   |  Aug 20, 2015
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I gave you a chance. That was one of the things, I regret ever doing. I gave you a chance to come into her life and make her happy. And maybe for a while you did. But the amount of hurt and emotional pain you made her gone through was 10 times more than the love you've shown.

She was the brightest light in the room, and now she's dim like a candle. She still keeps that shirt you gave her. See how she clings to your memories? Savoring your scent as she smells and closes her eyes, wishing it was you rather than a piece of cloth that reminded her it was over between you. Why? Yes, she has flaws. Yes, she can be moody, cranky, sometimes a tad bit crazy, but isn't that part of the package? Isn't that part of the deal? That when you both came into each others lives and accepted each other. Obviously you prepare yourself for the countless misunderstandings, the numerous arguments, the several crying sessions she'll have. It's all part of what you both got into.

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You broke her. Yes, you did. She can't fix herself because the pieces that broke scattered. Not on the floor, but to every place, every thing, every memory of you.

She doesn't go to that restaurant she likes anymore. It reminds her of you. She stopped going to the bookstore she usually goes to, because that's where you met. Her all-time favorite food? Pizza? She doesn't eat it anymore. It was your favorite she said. That stuff toy you gave her? The one with the pretty bow and the fluffy red nose? She kept it. Even if she doesn't want to. She kept it.


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You're a drug that's so hard not to take. A toxin hard to flush out. A memory impossible to forget. But, thank you. She may not know this now, but she will thank you. She will thank you for leaving her with no valid reason why. She will thank you for breaking up with her through a phone message and not face to face. She will thank you for bringing her happiness and letting her laugh like the world was ending tomorrow. She will thank you because despite the tears, the sleepless nights, the painful goodbyes, and the memories, you have touched her heart like no one else did. And she knows better now.

She'll look back at the memory of you someday and she'll say, "no wonder it didn't work out. He wasn't the one."

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