From Our Readers: To the Guy I'm Hopelessly in Love With

by You!   |  Aug 24, 2015
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You never told me to wait but I am willing to wait for you. I'm not tired of waiting for the day you will like me back just yet, but I wanted to say "hello" first. How have you been? It's been months since our last dance at our Graduation Ball. I almost couldn't hear which song was playing because my heart beat was much louder. I was hoping yours was beating like that too, but then I saw her reflection in your eyes.

I knew you felt what I felt back then because she was talking to another guy. Do you know how hurt I was when I asked you if we could take a picture together, but you asked me if I knew where she went? It took me lots of courage and self-control not to squeal in front of you. I was so afraid if you noticed these sad eyes of mine when I told you where she was but, I remembered you won't even look me in the eye. I ended the dance quickly; I felt that you were itching to go to her and ask for a dance. I didn't want to take you away from your happily ever after even though I was hoping it was mine. At the end of the day,I was just a mere flower in your garden. One day, I hope you would look me in the eyes with the same love I feel for you.


READTo the Guy Who Wasn't There To Catch Me

If I could go back in time, I would go to that part where we were seatmates during our Math and Filipino classes. Luckily, the one who arranged the seating plan was one of my close friends who knew all about my feelings for you. Silly as it sounds, I appreciated the way you spoke of your opinions about El Filibusterismo to me. I will always remember how you would smile after you got the correct answer in Mathematics and sometimes I wish you'd reciprocate my feelings for you like how you did with fractions. It was the little things that kept me happy and that kept me wishing for more but I'll take what I can get.

How can I forget our last Prom? We talked anything under the sun while dancing. Since you were tall, my head was near your chest. I had to fight the urge to lean on it and listen to your heartbeat. You barely smile at anybody, I was so proud when you laughed with me. Making you laugh was a whole other level.

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READI Loved You

I was reading your tweets when we were on summer break. I knew you didn't tweet the lyrics of that sad song for no reason. You didn't retweet that from @PoemsP*rn for no reason. I knew you weren't fine. I wanted to be there for you but who am I to you? I was just a mere seatmate for you when you were the whole sky for me.

Please hurry up and come to me. Come for the girl who is hopelessly in love with you. I don't know if I can still carry the torch for you and chase for someone who's not even there, but while I can, I'll wait for you. They say don't make a girl wait, but I think you are worth waiting for.

READNot Your Typical Happy Ending

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