From Our Readers: To the Girl My Boyfriend Used to Date

You act like you don't care but you do.
by You!   |  Feb 14, 2016
ART Trixie Ison
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I never asked him to like me. I never asked him to text me or to talk to me. I didn't want to be the person to come between the both of you. It was him who decided. I never stole him. I never stripped off of any position. If you felt like you've been demoted and replaced somehow, I'm sorry. 

You act like you don't care but you do. You try so hard to act like you don't. You've been trying to get into my life. I hope you understand that I don't want you in it. I am not avoiding you, I just don't want you to see the things I do. It's been months, it'll probably be a year soon and you're still on the same thing. You keep on repeating yourself over and over again.

You act like you don't care but you do.

I hope you get well soon. Your insecurity is just growing and growing. I hope you'll get over it—everyone already is. You're showing the world that your life suddenly hits a deadendbecause of a guy you lost. Stop clinging to things that aren't there anymore. He was your first I know and you're probably his first of many things. You already have a part of you with him and him with you. I won't be able to remove that, to erase your memories in his head. 


Grow up. Live a little more. There are a lot of guys who would give you the crown you've always wanted. We get screwed, we get messed up but the best thing we can do is to GET UP AND GET OVER IT. Move on with your life. I am sorry for hindering what could have been the greatest love story of your life. I am sorry if I do not try to get to your level. I'm sorry I never cared about the things you said. I'm sorry if I'm happy and you're not. I'm sorry he gave up on you. I'm sorry that my life seems to be more interesting than yours. I'm sorry for being your "replacement." I'm sorry he met me. I'm sorry you have to tell everyone about me. After all the things you've done I hope you're satisfied. 

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