From Our Readers: To My Best Friend Who Fell In Love With Me

There is a persistent haunting feeling of wanting you back.
by You!   |  Jan 6, 2016
ART Trixie Ison
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First things first, I have to ask: Why?

I thought we had this unwritten agreement to not fall in love with each other because we were both content with just being the best of friends? I remember this one time, when we were goofing around, and you suddenly stopped, looked me in the eyes, and told me I will never be the type of girl you will fall in love with because I'm loud, I have a lot of drama and rants in life, and I am far from what your dream girlfriend is like. So I need to ask again: Why?

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You constantly reminded me that I had some sort of irresponsible mischief style in managing my time because I have bad decision-making skills. I'm always changing plans at the spur of the moment. You always nag me to dress and act like a girl but you also scold me when I do. You always find out something wrong about the guys checking me out and I thought that was just your way of protecting me.  I misunderstood your actions all along.


I knew that you always chose to hang out with me over your girlfriend and even your squad whenever I would come home for a vacation. We both agreed that there's nothing wrong with that. Your girlfriend even hated me because you consequently ditched your usual movie time together just to drive me to the beach or to the mountains where we'd do nothing but take my selfies.

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I actually thought that I was more important than her because you'd always turn to me when things between you guys aren't fine. You even told me that she doesn't behave the way I do and she hates the things I love. The comparison was so overwhelming that I told you to focus more on making your relationship work. It did, my God, it did.

She blocked me on Facebook, deleted my number on your contact list, and even forced you to change your number because she didn't want you communicating with me. I didn't know what exactly happened but you found your way back to me, telling me you broke up with her because you can no longer put up with her childish acts.

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Your parents also let you go out with me even without me having to ask for their permission. I am your best friend and I am an honorary member of your family, remember?

What I'm just trying to say is, I am your best friend the way I'm a best friend to the other guys inside our clique. But why did you fall in love with me?

They say that the most heartbreaking breakup is not of a couple but of best friends. Man, they were right all along. I asked you if you were thinking straight when you dropped the bomb because I was not ready to know yet. I wasn't really expecting it to come from you.

They say that the most heartbreaking breakup is not of a couple but of best friends.


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Yes, you know this is not the first time it happened. You knew guys who were also my best friends telling me the exact feelings as you do, and you also knew that I didn't have any second thoughts about turning them all down. So why did you even bother?

You were my best friend. Your idea of fun and mine is completely compatible. We were always there for each other and we were each other's shoulder to cry on. But why, why did you fall in love with me?

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There is a persistent haunting feeling of wanting you back, not because I don't have anyone to tell my problems to anymore but because I miss you, I miss us. Can I have my best friend back?

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