From Our Readers: This Is What It's Like To Be Beautifully Broken

Sometimes she wishes that her heart will skip a beat
by You!   |  Feb 19, 2016
ART Trixie Ison
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She is the girl who needs a lot of love but will never ask for it.
You'll see her smile and laugh, you'll see how strong she is,
you will get strength from her beautiful eyes and her encouraging words.
You'll always want to be around her.
One thing that you won't see,
the tears that streams down her face.

You look at her with those shiny eyes, without any idea she's dying inside.
At night when she goes to sleep, she tries her best not to weep,
But there are days when she can't handle it, sometimes
she wishes that her heart will skip a beat.

sometimes she wishes that her heart will skip a beat

This is what it's like to be beautifully broken. When you don't want to show the world that at some in life you've fallen.
It's okay to keep your life filtered.
It's okay to see a little rainbow in the midst of the storm.


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