From Our Readers: The Truth About Torpe Guys

We all know this type.
by You!   |  Jul 10, 2015
ART Trixie Ison, PHOTO Mark Jesalva
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Your friends tell you he's torpe. His friends tell you he's torpe. You eventually tell yourself he's torpe. But is he really? 

We all know this type. The type who can't seem to bring himself to tell that one girl he likes her. The type who just sits around watching all the chances in the world pass him by while he does nothing. The type, who no matter what, just won't go for it. Well here's the thing about that type, it doesn't exist. There is no such thing as a torpe guy. 

Torpe is nothing but this lie we tell to ourselves to cover up for some guy who apparently doesn't like us enough. Sure, he could just be really shy. He could just be wallowing in fear of rejection. There could also be this notion that he finds himself unworthy of your awesomeness. But don't you see it? These are just one big pile of excuses. And when a guy likes you—I mean truly likes you—he doesn't come up with excuses no matter how justifiable they may seem. No amount of reason would stop him from pursuing you because he chooses you over his ridiculous logic. 

So when you find yourself getting torpe-zoned, try and not to look so much into the things he does. What you should be more wary of instead are the things he doesn't do. If he's not doing anything, then what more is there to it? Do yourself a favor and walk away. Do not be held captive by the illusions lurking around in the torpe zone. 

Know that no guy is ever torpe for the girl he genuinely likes. The moment a guy settles being pegged as torpe, he decides that you are not worth overcoming all those excuses you are led to believe. There is always a way and he can make it happen, but only if he truly wants to. 

So just forget about the torpe guy. He doesn't exist. What exists though is a guy who may like you, but not enough to make a move. 

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Written by Steffi Kay Pantino.

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