From Our Readers: The Day You Fall In Love Is the Worst Day of Your Life

It's the scariest day of your life.
by You!   |  Jul 9, 2015
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The day you fall in love is the worst day of your life. It's the worst because it makes you believe that it's the best, disguising itself in all the glamour and happiness. But no, it's the scariest day of your life. It's the day you open the gates and remove the wall you've built around your heart. That day you receive flowers, eat chocolate, listen to sweet nothings; when you let romance come in and sweep you off your feet. The problem is, when these come in, so does all the rest. It's then that you open yourself to jealousy, to disappointment, to broken promises, to never being enough, to treachery, to pain. When you fall in love, you are most vulnerable because you can't control who comes in and can't screen what you feel. In love, they're all faceless, and maybe even disguised as cupids trying to make the love grow. Little do you know that not all cupids carry arrows. Some of them bring daggers, spears, and swords. While cupid keeps your heart beating, some of them prick at your heart, stab it, slice through it. Some do it abruptly, fast enough for you to notice and close the gates. But some are insidious in their work, creating quiet wounds here and there that are hardly noticed. Wounds that can build up for years and that the heart can endure for decades up until it gives up, until that time when it's too late.

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The day you fall in love opens you up to the romance, the comedy, the tragedy of love. It's the day you follow a path with no clear light at the end. Love is blind because of this, because we can't see the end of the road, whether we end up in a bountiful meadow or fall over a cliff. And sometimes, just when you think you've seen the end, the path takes a blind turn and leads you someplace else. All plans and maps are for nothing, and you feel blind once more. And perhaps that's the scariest part, the unknown, the vague unwritten ending to the path. It's scary because you know that the path is long and tortuous, and it's not so easy to turn back or find your way again.

But the day we fall in love will come, and surprisingly enough, we welcome it, anticipate it. We know the dangers and the warnings, but despite them all, love is still a path we choose to take. It's precisely that bravery that makes love beautiful, that willingness to face an undefined fear and follow it through. It fuels us forward until the end. It could be on our first try or after several detours. But one day, I hope we can look back on the road and be glad we took it; we can look down at our scars and be glad we endured them; and we can look at the person we love, and be glad we loved them. Glad that we didn't give up—not on them, not on ourselves, not on love.


Ella Mae Masamayor is a med student and freelance writer. She blogs at Follow her on Twitter @ellamasamayor.

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