From Our Readers: Someday, I Can Un-Love You

by You!   |  Jan 16, 2016
ART Trixie Ison
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We were so perfect back then. We pictured ourselves years from now and what we'd be as couples in the future. We had oals that we tried to accomplish to keep our relationship exciting. We loved each other so deeply that we weren't able to prepare ourselves for the possible conflicts we may have.

As a couple, we were so happy and truly in love. We kissed, we cuddled, and even danced under the moonlight together with the attraction and the feelings we had for each other. Everything was so perfect until one day when we fell apart because of something inwhich until now I'm not sure if it was right for me to be angry about. I was your other half and you were mine as well. We were committed to each other therefore we both had the right to get jealous about something.

READWas It All Just Pretend?

I'm haunted by the thought about what I did. Was it right? Or was I exaggerating? I am well centered on what I believed in before. I got all wrapped around by my fears and even crossing the barriers of jealousy. I admit, I got too jealous and insensitive. I was too selfish to the point that you gave up understanding me because I was so complicated and not what you expected me to be. I failed your expectations, I failed you. I know that out of anger, I was able to spill out the words about us breaking up. You asked for a cool off instead of a breakup because you didn't want to lose me. I gave you that. I was so wrapped up in anger that I failed to recognize that you were also hurt deep inside. I know I was the first one who mentioned about the breakup but by the time you agreed for us to talk personally and discuss the things, I was hoping you would accept my apology. I asked for forgiveness and tried to patch things up. I told you that I didn't want to end our relationship. I was so sorry that I even cried in front of you. But you told me, it's over. You don't love me anymore. How could you lose your love for someone that quick? I don't understand why it was that quick for someone to unlove a person. I just thought our love was strong enough.


You told me, it's over. You don't love me anymore. How could you lose your love for someone that quick?

READYou Were Just a Phase

I am sorry for everything that I caused you, my dear. You changed my life even if it was just for a short time. I was hoping that you'd be my forever but maybe it was not the right time for us. Maybe we're destined to do better things. I was hoping for another chance but maybe I caused you too much pain and that what I did was already unforgivable.

Wherever you may be right now, I hope you are okay. I hope you are now living your life happy just the way it is before you met me. I am sorry for ignoring you when we met again unexpectedly. I am trying to distance myself from you because I am now giving you the space you wanted to have. I miss you. I will, always. Thanks for the happiness you brought to my life. I know someday, I can unlove you.  Someday, my dear. Not now but someday.

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READNote to Self

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