From Our Readers: Notice the Little Things

by You!   |  Apr 4, 2016
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Darling, my little darling, there will come a time in your relationship when he will no longer wrap his loving arms around you when you sleep, a time when he will no longer look at you like you’re actual sunshine, and even a time when he will very rarely, vocally, tell you how much he loves you.

No, don’t fret. Please don’t fret. This doesn’t mean that his love for you has decreased or has changed. As time passes and as a relationship progresses, how he shows his affection for you could change into different ways. Yours could change, too.

You already know this but at times, you fail to see it.

A piece of advice for you, my little darling: notice the little things.

Notice the smile he gives you whenever you successfully overtake a slow-paced car along the highway.

Notice that despite heavy traffic and long hours of daily commutes, he makes a way to see you—he still wants to see a glimpse of you at nine in the evening, with no make-up, no contact lenses, when you’re in your PJs and your hair is already tied up in a bun.

Notice the way he holds your hand and guides your steps when you're walking down a staircase. Notice the way he still opens and closes the car door for you.

Notice that he knows your favorite songs and how much you squeal over One Direction. Appreciate how he supports you by dancing to Best Song Ever or even when he sings you Little Things. Appreciate how he does all this without even holding back.


Notice how he likes to read your prose and your poetry, no matter how silly they may seem.

Notice everything, my little darling.

After all, he’s the guy who saved you. He’s the one who helped you rise up from difficult circumstances. He’s been there all along. Maybe that’s the reason why you neglect the little things he does for you—it’s because you’ve grown accustomed to them already.

He does them not because he has to, not because he has to please you. He does them because he loves you. He loves you and your loud mouth. He loves you dearly.

My little darling, he can no longer wrap his arms around you because his hands are temporarily occupied by things that will get the both of you ready for your future.

He can no longer see you are sunshine as you have become his moon, even the stars in his night sky. As heavenly bodies are more appreciated and adored in the dark, you, my little darling, you turned out to be beautiful despite your awful past.

He rarely tells you how much he loves you—he need not to. He has shown it in ways no other person can.

Because he chose you. He still chooses you.

And as his chest continues to rise and fall, in perfect sync with his beating heart, he will be choosing you.

Love is a verb. It moves. It progresses. It becomes even more beautiful with time.

So my little darling, remember this. When you run out of words and the only things you have left are your arms and your fragile but loving heart, the little things he does for you can be enough for a love to live on, for a love to go on.

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