From Our Readers: Note to Self

by You!   |  Jan 14, 2016
ART Trixie Ison
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Dear Self,

Note that I am so proud of you because you have been doing ways in order for you to survive this journey. No matter how much you are struggling, you are still not giving up because you believe that there is hope in every circumstance. Even though you are silently crying in pain, you are still taking the road to your (uncertain) dream. 

Remember that it is alright to make mistakes. In every mistake you make, I know that you are learning. Your failure somehow contributes to what you are right now. I am proud that in times of trouble, you are able to face your fears. Learning takes one step at a time and I am glad that you are not rushing it.

Honey, you are important. Bear in mind that this world will not be the same without you. You matter. Just believe in yourself and be confident, and they will appreciate your worth. Trust and love yourself.

Beauty (not just the physical but also the quality) is running in your veins, you just don't see it coming. This is the reason why you have a lot of insecurities inside you. You are special. Please teach yourself ways to be gratified in everything you have right now. Contentment is the key to a happy living.

Freeing yourself in your inner sadness will get you to the path of blissfulness and satisfaction. You are not made to be crestfallen, you are fortunate, my dear. Your life is worth living; this world is splendid, just explore it.


Although you are made up of flaws and imperfections, take it as a chance to improve yourself. Think of it as a major constituent of your personality. Let go of the lies and pretensions you told yesterday, be yourself. Somebody out there deserves you, he will find you and love you for who you are.

Although you are made up of flaws and imperfections, take it as a chance to improve yourself.

You cannot do everything, you need to seek the help of others. You are not as strong as you think. Do not isolate yourself.

Take this as an example: even though you always end up awkward in every conversations you engaged with, it does not mean that no one is listening. Let your thoughts be transformed into words and voice them out.

Also, bethink that God is always with you. He is your great confidant. Just call Him, and He will answer. Even if you are trapped inside a labyrinth, He will provide you the right route in order to get out of it. Always include Him in everything you do, for He will never leave you nor forsake you.

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