From Our Readers: Keeping The Distance

by You!   |  Feb 27, 2015
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I saw in the photographs how happy you were last night, with a wide grin plastered on your face as you faced the crowd. You were brimming with success, and I can feel deep in your heart that this was something you always wanted—something you actually deserved. I can't tell you exactly, but I hope you know how happy I am for you.  Even if you can't hear my clapping hands, my cheering voice, or my taps at your back saying "Good job, dear!" I hope you know my heart is leaping with joy because I'm truly proud.

Right at this moment, I know we are already leading our separate lives. Events for us are unfolding in very different circumstances, and the more time goes by, the more our directions are getting blown further away from each other. As much as I want to talk to you, I do not want to destroy the peaceful boundary we've established right now. This safe distance that protects our hearts from coming together and getting hurt again.

I mean, this is a lot better, right? Finally, this is a concrete step we are taking in moving on. It's a helpful journey, essential for us as we grow and as we find ourselves in this big world. But dear, I do hope that this is a mutual decision—something I'm not the only one doing—because I can't bear the thought of you still holding on to our painful, fragmented relationship when I know you deserve someone that will make you happier.


 I wish I could be there for you, in every sad or good moment of your life. I wish I could tell you how much I appreciate you as a person—always beautiful inside and out. I wish to let you know how much I believe in the potential you keep hiding from the world. But I know that these wishes are just kisses I'll be blowing in the wind. Everything is different now. Things are more complicated and I don't want to hold you down. I know you've got a lot of dreams you still want to pursue, and I believe I don't deserve to be one of your "dreams" anymore.

Starting today, I hope you lead a good life. I hope you wake up each morning with a renewed excitement for life, exuding courage and passion for the things you still want to achieve. I hope you gradually forget me each time you take a new photograph, or as you meet a new person in each event of your life. More so, I hope you'll bring with you our best memories that made you happy, and you keep it safely stored in your heart, letting it help you get through your angry days—your bad days. Lastly, I hope you don't linger in remembering the pain we caused each other, and instead let it fuel you in seeking a much better love that you truly deserve.

My dear, for the last time, I want you to know how much I love you... and how much I always will.

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Written by D.D.R, a 21-year-old from Bulacan, Philippines.

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