From Our Readers: It Didn't Work Out For a Reason

by You!   |  Sep 1, 2015
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The first time I found myself falling for a guy was when I was in high school. It started out as a simple crush that I never knew would go any further. We were texting each other the moment we came home and until we fell asleep. A few days passed and it got a little deeper and more serious. He started offering to bring me home and I couldn't be happier to agree to that simple yet sweet gesture.

Months passed and he was still a little persistent about us until I finally came to a decision that he'd been waiting for all along. We became official. All of our friends were happy for us and they thought it was perfect. Just like all blooming relationships, I thought nothing could go wrong. Everything seemed to fall into their right places and we didn't even had to try so hard to have happy times together.

 You know that feeling when you didn't even want to be absent from school because seeing him was the highlight of your day? Yes, I know that feeling, too. I've been there. We were friends even before we happened so we both expected that it will be easy. But we were wrong. We didn't realize earlier that getting into relationships when you are friends is not enough. It takes extra effort. And that's why it didn't work out.

We lived our lives away from each other as time passed. We wanted different things in life and that was when we started living our own separate ways. The texts and calls became less until there was nothing at all in a day. The ride home was nothing but silence between us. It lasted for a long time but the love wasn't there anymore. As much as we wanted to keep it, we knew there are greater things in life for us than just by being together.


We ended it without guilt in our hearts and we finally accepted the fact that it didn't work out because maybe someone better will come into our lives or bigger things are heading our way. We may not know the reason why it failed but I never will ever regret our times together. What we should just do now is hope that it didn't work out because God has better plans for the both of us and I am truthfully glad to see him doing well at this point in time.

Written by Therese Baquilar. Got your own story to tell? Send them to candymagazine and you just might get published in this space!

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