From Our Readers: If Eyes Could Speak

If eyes could speak, you would already know that I have feelings for you ever since.
by You!   |  Feb 28, 2016
ART Trixie Ison
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The way I look at you, laugh at your lame jokes and just stare at you for no reason. I think our friends already sense that I was starting to fall for you but you, obviously as always. 

If eyes could speak, at least I would know if you feel the same way or not. But you're always good when it comes to hiding your emotion, you keep a lot of secrets and doesn't even ask for advice nor help. If eyes could speak, I would be kissing you right now and you, being aware that I love you—but you're not mine, and I'm not yours. 

If eyes could speak, you and your girlfriend should've been over for a very long time. I know that you were sick of her and vice versa, but you always hated giving up on somebody. The sinking feeling always starts when I look at your eyes and all I could see is sadness and pain because you were willing to fight for a girl that already gave up on you. 


Christmas is fast approaching and I will not see you in a few weeks, so I decided to confess my feelings. For years, we've been good friends, my partner-in-crime and my favorite seatmate and I'm truly sorry for making things awkward and weird because of my silly feelings. If eyes could speak, I would know already if you still want to be friends with me or not. 

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But every time we hang out, I could always see it in your eyes that you're avoiding me. Avoiding the situation of me asking what's on your mind, right after my confession you left me. I want to know if everything's going to be okay or not. If you're going to replace me or not, I'm too afraid to ask and if only eyes could speak, I wouldn't be writing this letter.  

I can wait, I'm still having a hard time letting you go because I'm still holding onto memories but I'll be okay. I'm always okay, so make up your mind and have the courage to talk to me because I'm tired of always doing the 'first move', I also have a dignity, too. 


I hope nothing's going to change between us. 

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