From Our Readers: I Will Not Settle

My dad taught me an important lesson about not settling.
by You!   |  Mar 15, 2015
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My dad taught me to never settle for anything less than great. "There is no room for mediocrity if anyone wishes to be excellent", he always says as a reminder in between daily conversations. When I was little, I thought these things were simply enclosed in grades, in work, and in making ordinary things beyond such value. But as one would grow old with an open and reckless heart, I never knew one heartbreak could mean "do not settle" for something more.

I stood up one morning, awakened by the fact that this heart of mine is alive, not at all withering, and deserves far better love more than anything else. It was then that I told myself I will not settle.

I will not settle for loneliness, because loneliness is a state of mind and it is not some void to be filled up by someone else. I will not settle for someone who will never give me a second look. If anything, I deserve the set of eyes who will dare to look at me forever, even on days when I don't feel anything close to beautiful. I will not settle for anyone who puts me last on their list or considers me as the least favored option. I will remain for someone who has the ears to listen, a voice that could speak to me with honesty, and hands that can hold me tight they will never let mine go.

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"Did you think I settled for something less great? If I did, you wouldn't have your mother's eyes and smile." My dad had said to me. I promised so to myself, that I will not stand by for a fleeting kind of love but will hang around, even if it takes forever, to find the other half I longed and hoped for. 

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